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Shopware 6 Consultation

We create custom Shopware plugins based on your unique company needs, allowing your store to get the proper advantage of Shopware and make your eCommerce store stand out in the competitive industry.

The iCreative team impresses with ideas and solutions at the same time. Our cooperation will certainly continue to bear fruit for both sides in the future.

Chris Tian


Shopware is a highly customizable, forward-thinking open commerce platform that turns bold business concepts into inspiring success stories. You can set your own rules, innovate quickly, and stand out with a well-executed brand strategy and a strong platform to back up your vision.

Only open commerce gives you complete control over your business. You have the ability to personalize Shopware and make your vision a reality. You can access source code, quickly implement eCommerce projects, and completely control your business with open-source, API-first, cloud, and self-managed solutions.

The human experience is at the heart of Shopware. As a result, Showare offers a variety of tools, integrations, and functions to help you create harmonious combinations of content and commerce. It has never been so easy to reinforce your brand identity!

Creating your own business flow using no-code or low-code techniques, Shopware has an easy-to-use interface that allows you to quickly plug in and build your business model using an advanced automation process.

You can create exceptional user experiences that will take your business to the next level with our Shopware development services. With Shopware innovation and iCreative Technologies expertise, a future-oriented and highly adaptable eCommerce solution is possible.

Our Shopware Customers

Shopware 6 Create Theme Services Provided by Us

Unbiased Opinions

Ecommerce consulting professionals provide feedback that you cannot get from friends or business partners. They bring a fresh perspective and a professional background to your company. This will ensure that your business gets the right feedback.

Appropriate Audience

Shopware consulting experts assist you in identifying the best target audience for your company, ensuring that your marketing campaigns are not in vain. They maximize your marketing results by targeting the right group of prospective customers.

Business Plan

Shopware consultants assist you in identifying and following business objectives in the short and long term by developing a customized roadmap that meets your needs. This can save you time, efforts, money and prepare you for all the roadblocks.

Increased Sales

Eventually, eCommerce consultants will address specific challenges and roadblocks in your business that prevent you from expanding and increasing sales. We will also help mitigate those challenges and provide strategies to overcome them.


Shopware Consulting Services Provided by Us

Complete Business Analysis

The first step in determining the business’s pain points and building a rock-solid online presence is to assess the current state of affairs. We go over every aspect of the business, collecting data for further analysis.

  • Research on the intended audience
  • Analysis of competitors
  • Identification of pain and growth points in the company’s workflow

Generate a Technological Solution

After we’ve gathered all of the data, our team will begin developing technological solutions. In other words, we investigate which technologies and methods best meet the needs of the business and its potential for growth.

  • Making functionality lists
  • Estimating implementation costs and timelines
  • Evaluating the solution’s technical feasibility
  • Creating a technological stack

Development Of Solutions

Again, our agency not only consults but also implements proposed solutions. We work on every stage of the development process to turn an idea into a fully functional product.

  • Backend and frontend development
  • Designing the User Experience
  • Visual design, quality assurance, and testing

Maintenance of Solutions

Once the solution is operational, we provide ongoing support and maintenance for your Shopware store. While our clients focus on business growth and expansion, we handle all eCommerce-related issues.

  • Technical support
  • Upkeep of a business
  • Help with content management
  • Management of security

Integrations and technologies

Why Choose us for Shopware Consultation?

The iCreative Technologies Shopware consulting firm understands your business objectives and values your values. Working with clients from a variety of industries has taught us what works and what doesn’t. We will create a custom solution for your Shopware store by applying all of our previous knowledge and closely analyzing your business.

When it comes to your company’s digital transformation, our main goal is to make it work in the long run. To accomplish this, we conduct extensive research on your company, market needs, and competitors before developing a scalable and extensible solution.

Our team considers the fact that the digital world evolves at a rapid pace when developing solutions. We concentrate on developing solutions that will enable us to reach customers at multiple touchpoints and across multiple devices.

Why iCreative Technologies?

iCreative Technologies has been working hard for years to establish itself in the Shopware market.  iCreative Technologies provides clients with high-quality Shopware development solutions that enable them to serve their online customers in a convenient and stylish way. 

With proven methodologies and unique and innovative approaches, we aim to be one of the best IT solutions companies. Our ultimate goal is to meet the needs of our customers and set high-quality standards.

Our team is made up of talented and ambitious professionals with a proven track record in their respective fields. By combining our efforts and expertise in web and software development, we have achieved many milestones and are motivated for even more.

With offices in the United States, Canada and India, we aim to leverage our experience working with global market leaders to establish iCreative Technologies’ presence in the global marketplace.

We take pride in providing high-quality service and using customer satisfaction as a parameter of success. Our dedicated team players work on tight schedules to provide accurate solutions according to the business needs of our clients.

Our Success Stories

Celebrating Shopware’s Lead Position in German eCommerce for the second consecutive time!
How iCreative improved speed during Vireo's Shopware 5 to 6 migration

iCreative Technologies helped Vireo (vireo.de), a German online shop for sustainable technology, to migrate the shop from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6 successfully. On the Shopware platform, we also reworked the shop's UI. Our Advanced Shopware developers delivered flawless theme development, resulting in a better, quicker, and more seamless user experience. We optimized Vireo's Shopware 5 shop into a properly functional and advanced shop that is aligned with its mission of sustainability.

Core Technology: Shopware 6

Duration: 8 Months

No. of Developers: 2

Project Size: SME

Celebrating Shopware’s Lead Position in German eCommerce for the second consecutive time!
How iCreative Technologies Transformed Shopware for Highflyers, Increasing Sales by 200% and Cutting Returns to 8%.

Highflyers, a prominent player in Germany's e-commerce landscape, specializes in customizing promotional products like pens, mugs, bags, and t-shirts. With Shopware, they faced a major obstacle because it was difficult to visualize product customisation. To address this, Icreative introduced a unique chat feature on each product page. Customers could easily upload images, PDFs, and text, along with specific instructions. Administrators then used this input to create mockups, ensuring the final product met the customer's requirements. This innovative functionality in Shopware was a complex but successful project by Icreative.

Core Technology: Shopware 6

Duration: 6 Months

No. of Developers: 1

Project Size: Enterprise

Celebrating Shopware’s Lead Position in German eCommerce for the second consecutive time!
ICreative Technologies Transforms Vinolismus: Achieving 130% Sales Boost and 80% Process Automation

Icreative Technologies enhanced Vinolismus, a German online wine shop featuring Saar and Mosel wines. We migrated their shop from Shopware 5 to Shopware 6, improving the user interface for a smoother experience. We also worked on the integration of Pickware POS with the Shopware shop. We also optimized their diverse platforms, aligning them with Vinolismus' objectives for a better shopping experience.

Core Technology: Shopware 6

Duration: 2 Months

No. of Developers: 1

Project Size: SME

Celebrating Shopware’s Lead Position in German eCommerce for the second consecutive time!
iCreative Technologies' Two-Year Journey: Transforming Bergner into a Global Homeware Giant in Switzerland and Beyond

Icreative transformed Bergner, a specialized kitchenware business, into a global homeware solution based in Switzerland. We helped them build their brand from the ground up, handling everything from theme setup and development to marketing. Our website was strategically crafted to boost conversions and reach a worldwide audience. We also designed a custom theme and tailored solutions for improved sales. Our plugins, including the sales booster, facilitated customer retargeting. This extensive two-year project has culminated in Bergner's online brand identity as a renowned homeware brand in Switzerland and beyond.

Core Technology: Shopware 6 | WordPress

Duration: 8 Months

No. of Developers: 3

Project Size: Enterprise

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