Best Upcoming Features of Shopware 6

For years, Shopware has been helping online businesses to scale and grow at a rapid pace. It has achieved so with its truly diversified features, functionalities, and capabilities. These features allow eCommerce businesses to not only meet the modern needs of consumers but also utilize the newest technology and seize the best marketing opportunities.

Shopware itself has evolved with time through continuous innovation and improvement. Shopware 6, the predecessor to Shopware 5, was released with advanced features like sales channels, full scalability, rule binding, and more. And like always, you are going to expect new features and improvements in 2023, as well.

Shopware Features We Can Expect to Release Soon

To drive business improvement and innovation, Shopware was released in September with new features. It included a new premium theme, more photo slider options, a better method to explore product variants, and many other improvements. It also combined performance, flexibility, and top-notch security.

And to help your business steadily expand in a fast-paced environment, Shopware will be launched with the following features in its latest update in 2023:

Features that Shopware Has In-progress

01. Migration of Custom Product

In its latest update, the Migration of Custom Product feature will let merchants migrate from Shopware 5 and transfer the custom products into Shopware 6. It will bring more efficiency to the process and inspire more customers to make the switch to Shopware 6.

02. Multi-Inventory

Multi-inventory is another useful feature that will be included in the latest Shopware update. You need to manage the product supplies and the corresponding availability of them for your shop as a merchant with various inventories. Products may be purchased regardless of the inventory location or as long as they are available in one of them thanks to the multi-inventory feature. Availability may be configured using the Rule Binder, managed using warehouse groups, and controlled with priority, depending on the scenario.

03. Delivery Notice for EU Geoblocking Regulation

Delivery Notice for EU Geoblocking Regulation feature will notify store customers in advance that delivery is not possible to their desired address during registration and other touch points.

04. Individual Content Creation with Custom Entities

The Individual Content Creation with Custom Entities is one of the most creative and convenient updates that Shopware will feature. It will allow merchants to create, structure, and deliver all kinds of content to tell their stories in the most creative way possible. In addition to all this, it will also offer developers to add and use custom entities within Shopware’s CMS. 

05. Rules Are Aware of Their Assignment

Shopware understands that not every Condition fits in every context. So to make it easier for merchants, the Rule Binder will assist them to identify the most suitable conditions for every context. 

06. More Configurable Format and Validation for Addresses Depending on the Country

In its latest update, Shopware will make it easy for both customers and merchants to select the address. Even with a huge number of addresses, choosing the correct address for the customer is made simple and clear because of the way the checkout’s address option is set up.

07. Introducing Blog with Custom Entities

This feature is centered around creating blogs, posting blogs, and helping businesses generate more traffic. Blogs are a great approach for online businesses to share their stories and drive more traffic to their products. But creating a blog necessitates external setups that frequently demand coding expertise, and manual workflows, and are divorced from the shop system. To address this, Shopware will offer an integrated blog feature as a first illustration of employing custom entities. This will make it possible for merchants to create, design, and publish blog posts without having any coding knowledge.

08. Delayed Flow Actions

After an event has been triggered, the feature will let you create follow-up actions using the flow builder’s ability to delay flow sequences for letters.

09. Digital / Non Physical Products

With the latest Shopware product, you will be able to sell any type of product (physical or digital). As a first step, Shopware will offer a way to manage downloadable products. Depending on the payment method, your customers will either be able to download the digital items immediately after purchasing them or receive the download link later.

10. Flow Templates

With the use of flow templates, merchants can create reusable flow templates that can be used and shared across many systems and make use of pre-made sample flows.

Features that Shopware is Already Working On

11. Search Statistic

In 2023, Shopware will come with a Search Statistic feature that will provide the business owners option of having primary search result reporting. It will help businesses to rapidly determine what consumers are looking for and optimize their search setup.

12. Display of Multi-Inventory in Product Listings and Variants

In 2023, Shopware will feature a Multi-Inventory Display in Product Listings and Variants. The product list will let customers know which warehouse has the item in stock.

Product variations can be changed individually and are allocated to warehouse groups using inheritance logic.

13. Disable the Shopware Stock Calculation

As a business owner, you will be able to turn off Shopware’s stock calculation feature so that any other system of your choosing updates the data using an API. This guarantees that a trustworthy source of product stock information may be selected for any business configuration. The direct setup of this setting is possible via the Shopware Administration. 

14. Archive Sales Channels

This feature will allow business owners to archive Sales Channels. It will ensure better organization and a more seamless transition when they are no longer needed in the system. 

15. Customer-specific Prices via Customer Groups

Through the API, business owners can provide a consumer group with large pricing definitions. This will make it easier to distribute specially computed pricing to wider customer categories. 

16. Custom Prices Rules

This feature will allow retailers to add rules to prices that are particular to a customer or consumer group in order to provide even more situational and individualized pricing. 

17. Create a Return Based on an Order from the Customer Profile

There are times when customers want to return or exchange a product because it doesn’t fit. These are the times when interaction with the seller is necessary. This feature will make it possible for customers to start the return process with the retailer by creating requests for returns based on an order from their customer profile.

18. Offsetting Vouchers and Shipping Costs

The feature will allow merchants to independently regulate the offsetting of coupons with shipping charges based on regulations. This will be visible to the buyer in the basket. 

19. Automatically Calculated Surcharges

It will allow merchants to individually control and present to the consumer in the basket any automatically generated shipping fees that are based on regulations, such as those for large items, items with a high insurance value, or export items. 

20. Permit Just One Order to Use a Selected Address

To make it simpler for customers to ship once to a different recipient and to minimize incorrect selections for subsequent transactions, it is allowed to choose an address during checkout for the current order alone rather than establishing it as the default address. 

Final Takeaways,

Shopware provides online eCommerce businesses with a wealth of advantages and features that are unmatched in the industry. Using them, you can create an efficient, productive, and business-oriented shop. Combined with the latest and upcoming features, you can ensure that your business thrives and meets the demands of the customers and market. Besides all these, these features will also provide you the flexibility, usability, and scalability.Shopware Features that Will be Launched in 2023

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