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Become innovative and result-oriented!
We make ourselves better day by day, we encourage the use of technology and think beyond boundaries.

Become innovative and result-oriented!

iCreative Technologies was founded in 2014 to use our passion to bring your concepts to life and develop gorgeous applications for business. However, as an entrepreneur, you know better than anyone else that passion, dedication, and hard work are worth very little unless they produce results. We know that too, so you can be sure that the app we create will not only look great but also bring the results you require.


Providing professional service is an opportunity for us to get down the path of values. Every day is a new challenge in abiding by our key innovative principles. We have been following this set of beliefs as clear standards for providing exceptional service since our inception in 2014.

Emotion Connect

  • We create apps and websites that make people smile without knowing it.

Intelligent Business

  • We want to do the best work in our careers.

Real Priorities

  • We chase our vision
  • not fame and fortune.

First Line Innovators

  • We believe in innovation and bettering ourselves.

User Support

  • We care about customers and those using our apps.

Data Manager

  • We observe listen and analyze first to make informed decisions.

Matured Service

  • We have a high level of ownership and accountability.

Open Communicator

  • Stay open in all communications without red-tapism.
Our Achievements