A Complete Guide on Shopware Integration

Want to exceed the expectations of your customers with SaaS app services in 2020? We have got the right solution to help you stay abreast of your competitors. Boost your company’s growth in 2020 with Shopware integration.

Shopware is a convenient eCommerce platform that is utilized by thousands of active sellers online. As an increasing number of people are jobless due to the COVID-19 lockdown, the number of eCommerce site owners keeps growing. Integration with Shopware allows you to tap into this huge market and sell your unique solution to infinite potential customers.

The demand for integration comes from your customers’ needs to use your service. When an eCommerce store owners reach a specific threshold, they want to put their businesses on autopilot. So, they begin looking for services like yours. They need to use WMS, marketing automation, order & inventory management, or pricing software to automate all their processes.

When you choose Shopware integration, stay rest assured that your SaaS app will connect with your customer’s e-stores developed on this platform. After developing the connection with Shopware API, it helps extract all the data from customer’s stores that include inventory, taxes, orders, and more.

In this blog, we’ll give closer look at Shopware API integration. We’ll help to uncover the reasons to make this connection and show you the best & easiest way to do it.

API of Shopware

Shopware has a REST API. It grants access to data from online stores. Connecting with the API of Shopware, applications’ owners can manage the information related to:

  • Categories
  • Orders
  • Media
  • Customers
  • Products
  • Payments
  • Shipments

To connect to the Shopware REST API, you’ll require a client application. Some of the integration libraries and client applications already exist. That is because REST is widely used as an inter-application information protocol.

But what can you achieve from Shopware API integration? Below are five benefits of establishing such a connection:

1. Extend your market share: Shopware works on the market for a long period. It has achieved to get an excellent growth of over 300% within just one year. Shopware is extremely popular in Switzerland, Austria, and Germany. It has over 30k live sites.

2. Grow your customer pool: The more Shopware evolves and expands, the faster you’ll be able to obtain access to a thriving market of users.

3. Increase your profits: Ultimately, the major advantage of integrating your business with Shopware is that you can improve your business. Because Shopware will proceed to have clients, you can also gain the confidence that you’ll be making several clients.

4. Access actionable data: Shopware API supports over 35 methods to work with customers, orders, categories, and products. The integration with Shopware allows your SaaS solution to access and manage all the required information quickly.

5. Enhance your services’ functionality: Integrating with Shopware opens up a completely new world of opportunities. You can explore new features for your services and increase your brand. Thus getting better profits and staying ahead of the competition

Challenges of Shopware API Integration

The integration of your SaaS system with Shopware is an intriguing idea. However, all the primary energy begins to fade away when you realize the problems you’ll have to face.

Developing a connection with your software with Shopware is not just time-consuming, but also a high-priced process. You’ll need to hire certified shopware developers who understand the integration development inside out. Also, you’ll have to assure they stick around after the connection development is finished because you’ll need them for further upgrading and maintenance.

Well, Shopware API is quite difficult, you need to work with developers that have done integrations already. It would cost you up to $10k over a few months. This is a substantial amount, particularly for a small SaaS provider.

Another challenge in this process is related to security. Cybercriminals use more sophisticated data breaches methods. Poor integration on your part can result in data losses and several other problems.

How to Grow the Connection with Shopware?

Luckily, you can develop a connection with Shopware Integration without having to get into all those problems. The most obvious way to integrate your SaaS solution with Shopware is to use the advantages and power of API2Cart.

API2Cart is a compelling tool that allows you to instantly and seamlessly connect your system with the Shopware API. Not only that, but it also empowers you to integrate efficiently with over 40 other eCommerce platforms in a single go.

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