Everything You Need to Know About Shopware 6 and Akeneo Integration

Shopware 6 and Akeneo Integration

eCommerce is a fast-paced industry with ever-changing trends and strategies. Online stores are increasingly becoming the only way to shop. For a fast-growing business, it would be better if the store platform is combined with the product information management system that meets almost any expectation of what a new market solution should bring to a business. Nowadays, Shopware is more popular and beneficial for any online business. How exciting it is if Shopware connects with PIM. So, Shopware emerges with Akeneo.

What is Akeneo?

Let’s understand Akeneo. Akeneo is a PIM system. PIM stands for Product Information Management which is the process of managing all the information required to market and sell products through distribution channels. Akeneo PIM enriches and unifies them and then transfers them to Shopware or other third-party channels. 

It can be easily adapted to varying business sizes and product types. Akeneo provides a single place to collect, manage and enrich your product information, create a product catalog and distribute it to your sales and eCommerce channels.

Feature of Shopware to Akeneo Connector

A third-party connector is a tool that significantly speeds up the work for preparing products in the Akeneo and delivering them to the Shopware platform. The connector gives the ability to create export/import profiles and map necessary attributes. Just need to map the field corresponding to the import rule in the Shopware.

  • Export products with quick export 
  • Export the Categories from Akeneo to Shopware6
  • Import Manufacturer, Tax, Sales Channel, Scale Unit, Delivery Time value from Shopware 6 to Akeneo
  • Export Attributes and attribute options from Akeneo to Shopware 6
  • Import Categories, Attribute, Attribute Options, Product, Product Model from Shopware 6 to Akeneo
  • Filter data to be Exported based on Category, family, Completeness, Identifier(SKU), Language, and Currency for Product Export.
  • Export 2 level variants product
  • Credentials must be selected on the basis of the Shopware version.
  • Export Dynamic Groups from Akeneo to Shopware 6
  • Export Product Images

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Benefits of Shopware 6 and Akeneo Integration

  • The Akeneo is more beneficial to those who offer a complex product with an accurate description, trading in multiple countries, with multiple sale channels. Akeneo PIM allows for the management of the products from one place and hence, it helps to increase the speed of the business. 
  • Akeneo PIM helps to minimize incorrect data, avoid duplication of the work, reduce the error and gain consistent information across all the sales channels. Therefore, this is useful to increase product data quality.
  • Akeneo PIM has a simple and intuitive interface, requiring little time and effort to learn due to its simple UI and feature. So, it’s more user-friendly.
  • Vendors can reduce time-to-market, find bottlenecks in their process, and check which data really matters to the customer.
  • Akeneo speeds up the localization efforts. It allows us to add another country and assign specific products to it. And, it just takes a few minutes. As a result, all configurations reflects automatically in Shopware (categories, products, translations, and so on), so the rollout to other countries is extremely efficient. 
  • Akeneo PIM is based on one of the most popular PHP frameworks, Symfony, which makes it easy to work on its development.
  • Visible data completeness level in the management panel. 
  • All the complexity and specificity are there in the Akeneo PIM.

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