All You Need to Know about Shopware Pricing Plans

Shopware unveiled its NEW ERA in September 2022 with its new pricing plans. Shopware is growing at a fast pace, it recently took a big leap forward in the eCommerce magic quadrant by Gartner. With the faster growth, customer demand, and a drive for offering the best solutions to its customer, the new plans were called for to deliver the most value to its customers and to partners like us.

Shopware is uplifting its game!

In the sea of so many eCommerce applications and software, it was important for Shopware to stay focused to capture the right market and deliver the right product to the right customers. Shopware highlighted the importance of focusing on the last partner day. It made sense after they launched their new pricing plans. Growth, Strategy, and success are strongly connected to ‘Focus’. Shopware’s brand positioning and focus became very clear after the launch of the new pricing plans.

Clear Positioning

With the recent changes to the pricing, Shopware made it very clear that it is the right fit for the Mid-Market merchants, especially for Upper mid-market Merchants. What does it mean? Shopware is the best fit for you if you are a growing eCommerce business doing a revenue of $5 Million to $50 Million a year. You can start considering Shopware once you enter the Million Club. Shopware as a solution is very efficient for businesses in Mid-Market as they have enough volume to utilize all the features that Shopware offers and they get assured stability from Shopware so that the businesses can focus on what they do the best. 

This is a very smart move from Shopware. While other players are moving away from Mid-market players or the players who are not able to understand the needs of Mid-market merchants, Shopware is trying to focus on them and build a product that would bring them the most value. 

What makes Shopware stand out from the crowd?

  • Automation and Workflow Management
  • Right fit for different business models
  • Outstanding Customer Experience

The Mid-market players need the best of the above features to grow constantly. Shopware understands it very well and hence has made the product best in class with all of the features listed above. From our experience in the eCommerce industry, this is something that will help Shopware as a product and its customers grow very well in the long run. Shopware is an eCommerce platform that offers endless flexibility with out-of-the-box simplicity.

New Shopware Product Plans

Shopware launched 3 new pricing plans. 

  • Rise
  • Evolve
  • Beyond

All 3 plans cater to different challenges, and different customers and help customers grow in their own different way. Shopware has made these plans in a way that helps merchants grow and scale efficiently. 

Shopware Rise

Who is it for?

Shopware Rise, as the name suggests is most suitable for the rising eCommerce merchants who have outgrown the community edition. It is for merchants who need to differentiate themselves from the market. It is best suited for stores doing revenue up to $2 Million per year. This is the entry-level plan from Shopware and it focuses on designing unique stores, automating workflows, and presenting the products in the best possible way. 

Features of Shopware Rise

  • Page Builder
  • Unlimited Stores
  • Premium themes
  • Blog
  • Rule Builder
  • Flow Builder
  • Flow Sharing
  • Flow Preview
  • Basic ticket support

+ All the basic eCommerce features which are covered under Shopware

Shopware Rise Pricing

Shopware Rise starts from $600 per month. The pricing is flexible depending on the turnover of the business. 

Shopware Evolve

Who is it for?

Shopware Evolve is for customers who are accelerating their growth. This is for customers who are already digitally advanced, selling in multiple avenues and multiple countries. They are Evolving their business continuously and testing multiple things to grow faster. This plan has extensive B2C and B2B features for merchants to grow sales through every channel. It is best suited for Merchants doing revenue up to $5 Million a Year. 

Features of Shopware Evolve

All Features of Shopware Rise + 

  • Advanced B2B features
  • CMS Rules
  • Story Telling
  • Quick View
  • Flow promotion actions
  • Advance Search
  • Form Builder
  • Phone Support

Shopware Evolve Pricing

Shopware Rise starts from $2400 per month. The pricing is flexible depending on the turnover of the business. 

Shopware Beyond

Who is it for?

Shopware Beyond is for customers who want to go above and beyond with maximum adaptability, next-level customer experiences, and premium support. This plan perfectly fits enterprise customers who have large and complex eCommerce business requirements. Once an eCommerce business grows after a certain level, it requires heavy personalization of the catalog for its users, and Shopware Beyond can help manage it easily. It is best suited for Merchants doing revenue up to $15 Million a Year. 

Features of Shopware Beyond

All Features of Shopware Evolve + 

  • Subscriptions
  • Returns Management
  • Guided Shopping
  • Customer Specific Pricing
  • Multi-Inventory
  • Developer Support

Shopware Beyond Pricing

Shopware Beyond starts from $6500 per month. The pricing is flexible depending on the turnover of the business. 

How does new Shopware Pricing compare with that of competitors?

The customers who are used to the open-source version of Shopware, the price might seem a bit on the higher side. But if you compare the value you get out of it, it will make sense and will prove to be worth it. 

If the pricing is compared with other competitors operating in the Mid-market segment, Shopware is actually cheaper than its competitors when you compare the take rate. What is take-rate? Take rate is the ratio of price to turnover. 

When the turnover is 5 Million USD/Euro per year

When the turnover is 15 Million USD/Euro per year

No matter what the take rate is, Shopware always has a better take rate than most of its competitors. 

What will happen to Shopware Community Edition?

Shopware community edition is here to stay and thrive. It will become an even more attractive option for businesses that are ready to start out with Shopware or businesses that are not yet in the mid-market segment. The strong community from Shopware will make the product even stronger to cater to customers who love open-source technologies. 

We are strong open-source supporters at iCreative and we can help your business grow beyond with the solutions we have built with Shopware Open Commerce. Contact Us to know how we can help your business grow with Shopware Open Commerce. 

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How can iCreative Technologies help you?

At iCreative Technologies, we have been working with Shopware for more than 5 years and being the official Shopware Partner for 3 years, we can help you select the right pricing plan for your needs. Whether you are a startup or an enterprise eCommerce customer, we will help you select the right plan and develop the right store for your business. 

Even if you opt for the open-source version of Shopware, we will help you develop the right solutions to help your business grow. Contact us to get started with the New Era of Shopware! Let’s rise, evolve, and grow beyond together! 

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