A step by step guide to PSD to Magento conversion!

Are you planning to convert your static PSD designs into a fully-featured online shopping store? Go for PSD to Magento conversion! It is the most efficient and determined process to get a fantastic E-commerce website. When it comes to developing E-commerce websites, Magento is the most preferred choice among developers worldwide.

Magento offers many unique features that help your shopping site triumph over various parameters. The process of PSD to Magento theme customization is the best as it delivers excellent solutions to businesses. Before proceeding with the steps, ensure that your PSD designs are proper by using Adobe Photoshop or any other graphic tool. Take into consideration the logo, color, font size, etc., to make awesome designs.

Why should you choose PSD to Magento 2 services for your eCommerce store?

PSD to Magento 2 services

Magento rules all of the e-commerce platforms in every aspect which is available on the internet. Presently, it is empowering approx — 40 % of the shopping websites globally. Magento also allows businesses to build e-commerce stores with current market trends. Therefore, PSD to Magento conversion process is preferred by all kinds and sizes of companies.

This process gives a competitive edge in the global market. It also helps to build great shopping e-stores with high-level features and functionality, which enhance brand value. Magento conversion is essential as it adds interactivity to your PSD designs. This delivers accessible, high-security features and also provides cross-browser compatibility.

Let’s begin with the steps of PSD to Magento conversion:

1. Slicing or Breaking PSD file:

It is one of the most crucial steps in the Magento conversion process. In this, you need to slice or break the PSD designs into various layers. It helps to streamline the coding of these sliced files and make sure you accomplish quality conversions. High-level of precision is needed during slicing, and all the components must be saved as PSD files.

2. Converting PSD into HTML and CSS:

psd to html

After performing the slicing phase of this conversion process, then you need to code these PSD images into HTML/XHTML format. You also have to use CSS to enhance the look and feel and to make the designs attractive.

3. Integrating HTML and CSS into Magento:

Once you’re done with converting the PSD designs into HTML and CSS, the following step in the PSD to Magento conversion is to integrate these coded files into the Magento e-commerce platform. It is also an essential step; in this, you need to create directories, folders, and sub-directories. This step will make sure the themes will be catchy and responsive.

4. Adding data to the Magento theme:

After the integration process from PSD to Magento, you need to add the data to your shopping stores, such as descriptions, products, price images, and category listing.

5. Testing the online shopping store:

This is the last step of the PSD to Magento India. In this, developers test the online shopping website concerning its compatibility and functionality with different browsers. They also need to make sure the site is responsive so that it can be accessed on any device, be it a mobile or desktop PC.


Magento Conversion is a complex task. It includes the coding of PSD designs into style sheets and markups like HTML/XHTML and CSS. These steps will help you to convert from PSD to Magento efficiently. PSD to Magento theme conversion will make your website user-friendly, and it also offers excellent scope to integrate music and videos. Users can have a smooth experience while retrieving data conveniently. You can also promote your products so customers can view and buy them quickly and conveniently.

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Jainesh Shah is a CEO and Co-Founder of iCreative Technologies Inc. iCreative Technologies is a digital eCommerce agency mainly serving B2B clients across the globe. With over 15 years of experience in technology and business, he is helping his client thrive in this competitive era. He is specialized in eCommerce consulting, creative thinking, generating new business ideas, and delivering end products to market in the digital space. He is working with the vision to help his partner agencies and Clients to grow in their respective businesses.

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