Boost your eCommerce Store with 6 Best Magento 2 Extensions

One of the most popular open-source systems, Magento, has recently advanced significantly. If you utilize Magento, you’re undoubtedly well aware that there aren’t any extensions available for online businesses using the basic Magento configuration. This is common because Magento is a framework, not an “all-in-one” answer for every company.

While Magento is brimming with capabilities, you must adhere to a “set” approach to integrate “extra components” in order to increase the platform’s capability. You may meet the needs of your online business in the most efficient way possible by combining all of the top Magento extensions.

List of the Top Business-Friendly Magento 2 Extensions

The top Magento 2 plugin extensions are listed below for you to employ in order to advance and develop your online store.


Nosto is a boldly communicated AI-powered Commerce Experience Platform created specifically for Magento (Adobe Commerce). Nosto enables its users by allowing them to explore the gorgeous environment of omnichannel advertising by designing, launching, and improving their marketing initiatives.

Each client’s experience is customized, thanks to Nosto’s innovative real-time updating of product and consumer data. Nosto offers a free trial for new corporate users.

Nosto’s Top Features:

  • Tailored Suggestions: Nosto provides tailored suggestions to clients since just recommending things is insufficient.
  • Retargeting: You can retarget your customer-like users based on their ordering or buying activity using Facebook Ads.
  • Empowered marketing: You can create new campaigns and change old ones using Nosto’s intuitive UI and harness its compelling AI-led technology for improved insights.

Live Chat

Live chat, as the name suggests, is a live chat tool for Magento that helps assist customers online. While visiting the website, customers might have numerous queries regarding products. Deploying live chat on various pages can help in resolving these queries in real-time hence, make the customer feel valued and attended. The Live chat extension even guides the customers in their purchase journey and makes the process smooth and easy. 

Live Chat’s Top Features:

  • Surveys and Client Satisfaction: You may use surveys to acquire information about your customers’ likes and dislikes. You may also combine LiveChat with popular third-party programs such as HubSpot, Salesforce, MailChimp, and others.
  • Simple Deployment: LiveChat provides auto-templates and already-developed queries based on common inquiries from consumers.
  • Efficient Client Service: You may hold many customer assistance sessions, deliver automated messages in response to pre-programmed inquiries, transmit files via the chat widget, and so on.

Stripe Payments

Stripe Payments offers company owners an easy method to take online payments – with no hidden fees. Stripe Payments offers a safe and dependable online payment gateway for today’s businesses that want a scalable and flexible payment solution. It is compatible with all popular payment systems, namely Google Pay, Apple Pay, and even regional ones like Alipay, Klarna, and many more.

Stripe Payments Top Features:

  • Global Usage: Stripe Payments is for companies who wish to automate their eCommerce processes and cater to a worldwide audience. It is accessible in over 25 languages and is supported with 135+ currencies.
  • Responsive Checkouts and Multi-device Compatibility: Stripe Payment works on smartphones, tablets, and PCs. It also provides end-to-end agile functionality for consumer payments.
  • Ease-of-use: You should definitely include Stripe Payment in your list of essential Magento extensions because it accepts Apple Pay and Google Pay.

Mconnect’s Customer Specific Product & Price

If you enjoy customization, Mconnect’s Customer Specific Product & Price Extension for Magento 2 is for you. You may change your pricing to customize what rates your consumers see based on which customer category they belong to. For example, if you want to offer a deal to a specific subset of clients, you may change the settings so that only those clients see the sale pricing. You may also tailor your on-site product catalog in the same manner so clients see only the things they’re interested in.

Customer-Specific Product and Price’s Top Features:

  • Personalization: You’ll have a more immersive experience if your website can adapt to your consumers’ requirements as well as your omnichannel efforts.
  • Priority in Pricing: If two distinct types of pricing are offered for a particular sector, you can choose which price takes precedence.
  • Customization: This addon allows you to tailor your store’s response to consumers in terms of items and prices.


OneStepCheckout is the best answer for you, as an eCommerce store owner to reduce the cart abandonment rates and improve customer conversion rates. This extension had multiple features like country auto-fill with GeoIP localization. It is mobile responsive on mobile devices and tablets and lets you enable or disable the fields during checkout. These features are just to name a few. 

OneStepCheckout’s Top Features:

  • Responsive Design: The extension is mobile and screen responsive and works great on mobile and tablets. 
  • Simple and Clutter-free: There is only one checkout page, which is clutter-free, above the fold, and has a prominent call to action.
  • Total Customization: You may add and delete fields, accept promo codes, and more.

Mirasvit’s Advanced Feed Manager

Mirasvit feed manager for Magento 2 is an extension that lets you automatically generate and deliver product feeds to marketplaces and prominent shopping engines. The extension has pre-built product feed templates for various search engines. Extremely easy to use and quick to configure are what make this extension preferable.

Mirasvit’s Top Features:

  • Scheduled Feeds: With this extension, you can schedule your feeds so that they can be auto-generated and delivered.
  • Pre-built Templates: The feed generation becomes extremely quick with 50+ pre-built templates.
  • Easily customizable feeds: There is no limit to adding the number or type of fields in the feed. You have total control over editing, adding, and removing the fields.

Wrapping Up,

Whatever Magento extensions you pick, it’s always vital to conduct your research, consider what you need for your business, and select the solutions that will perform great for you and your consumers.

However, this list will be a great starting point for locating the top Magento extensions for your online business.

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