How do brands get benefits from Shopware and Pickware?

Benefits from Shopware and Pickware: Any business operating in the eCommerce space shares three different challenges. These challenges are faster shipping privileges, Higher return rates, and comprehensive inventory. Most businesses in the market are fast-moving. Long gone are the days when retailers would barely have any kind of business. Seasonal and fast-paced flash types of businesses have been at the forefront of leading healthy market growth. Therefore, it is essential that businesses are able to strike the right balance between multiple aspects like shipping existing items, shipping, planning future inventory, and storing in order to learn the art of inventory planning.

To learn the aforementioned skills and overcome challenges, it would be best for retailers to opt for a Shopware development service. For example, A digital process management system that is embedded with an integrated ERP system. Adding this system to an existing roster can help meet certain needs of customers. For instance, a business can leverage this system to expedite shipping, a highly expected by shoppers these days.

Explained below are some of the best use case scenarios that demonstrate how businesses make use of the Shopware integration solution along with Pickware. This combination truly enables businesses to combat the challenges efficiently. This system also enables businesses to optimize their existing procedures in and around shipping, inventory planning as well as warehousing.

Use case scenario 1: Alpha Industries

Alpha Industries is a fashion company that is acclaimed for offering quality flight jackets and popular brand collaborations. It has found a way to evolve into a pioneer eCommerce brand from being a traditional business years ago. The brand has been serving in the B2B sector since its inception and has opened its doors to the B2C sector a decade ago. Alpha industries have a centralized business wherein a single shop distributes throughout the country.

Business challenges

  • The Head office of the business is located away from the warehouse despite being in the same local area.
  • Processing returned shipments is quite cumbersome.
  • Training of temporary staff is inefficient and time-consuming.

Business solutions

Alpha industries make use of Shopware development solutions to deliver a Shopware and Pickware integration. The integration is tailored with digital process management as per their needs. Hence, the Pickware WMS system enables head office administrators to update the stocks present in the warehouse in real-time despite being located far away from the warehouse.

Mobile phone cameras equipped with the photo function enables administrators to verify the authenticity of return shipments for acceptance or denial. The combination of Shopware and Pickware seamlessly enables people in head office to process return shipments. Utilities like location-free data and real-time updates help businesses communicate effectively amongst management and processing departments, regardless of their distance.

Pickware and Shopware integration solution also simplifies employee training procedures. Barcode scanner’s UI when paired with Shopware and Pickware helps trainees track their location across the warehouse and know their way around. Pickware WMS smart solutions also enable efficient movements by showing the shortest routes possible. Alpha Industries has been able to witness a whopping 60% of time savings as they digitalized their warehouse and administration-related work processes using Pickware and Shopware development services.

Use Case Scenario 2: Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel is a subscription network and flagship channel owned by Discovery.Inc. Discovery channel is famous for its original programs such as Gold Rush, Man vs. Wild, Deadliest Catch, Shark week and many more. As an Operator of all European Discovery stores and license revenue of the brand, Lemonstrom wanted to reach Discovery‘s international audiences to offer shopping experiences with the same level of engagement as their favorite programs.

Flexible Software to Individual Needs

To establish a concrete ground for the eCommerce website that decides the success of the project, which is why Shopware comes into the frame. Shopware is software that focuses on the stimulation of the customer experience. As Discovery telecasts some mind-blowing programs, they wanted the online shops to stay in the memories of its customers. Instead of traditional shopping cart, the company encourages their shoppers to hunt for “prey” in the online shop. The features storytelling and shopping worlds are perfect lead for properly presenting such a unique product portfolio.

Perfect Implementation and international intentions

They wanted to develop multilingual online store for their customers with minimal development tweak. The solution was to operate four different shops from a simplified backend. Each shop has a different domain for the specified country and in that case DMAX shop has an entirely different template. The product information such as price, currency, description can be customized for the separate shops in Shopware’s backend. The shop shares around 80% of the same products, but each are customized in order to reach different target of audiences for the different targeted countries.

Fast Implementation and increase turnover

It took three months to achieve the goals and satisfy everyone who was involved in the project. “Compare to another eCommerce platform Shopware is the best for SME’s,” said Ralph Deuerling. The technical maintenance cost is far less compared to the other shop systems available in the market. By including Shopware in the global company’s business model, sales have been increased incredibly. Out of what they invested in the project $70000 was already recovered in the span of just six months.

Key Facts

Technical Specifications

  1. Four Subshops
  2. Connection with TM3 and WaWi
  3. Connection with recommendation engine turbo


  1. Shopware 5.1.1


  1. Neuland Communication (Nὓrnberg, Germany)
  2. Three months to implement

Use Case Scenario 3: Aston Martin

Aston Martin is an independent manufacturer of luxury sports cars and grand tourers. They are not only known for a reliable and luxurious sports cars but they are also offering various personal accessories to scale models and clothing to their loyal fan followers. With the help of Shopware, a virtual shop was created where fans can purchase products from the Aston Martin merchandise collection.

All-in-one solution for the Aston Martin online shop

For the project, they took advantage of the many existing extensions in the community store, but also from Shopware’s high adaptability and flexibility. This made it possible to connect the shop with the number of external systems, including the sage 100 ERP. With the help of Shopware all-in-one solution for Aston Martin shop was achieved that met all requirements and recommendations.

Goes beyond the expectation

Shopware’s distinct and diversified native functionality and in-built or easy to develop custom extensions helped a lot in cutting down development efforts, which make it feasible to complete the project within the deadline of 10 weeks. The Aston Martin shop receives delivery on time and they were completely satisfied with the outcome of Shopware. Due to the various quality plugins available, it was easy to choose the right system to develop the store. During the initial stage of development, the software and the server capabilities were tested for the optimal load and after thorough testing, the shop went live after ten weeks.

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