Laravel Performance Optimization – 10 effective tips!

Laravel website development is a trendy option for developing business-focused applications, including information management systems and eCommerce platforms. Since 2011, Laravel App Development has grown tremendously as it offers rich features, making the development process easier for developers and enterprises. Laravel performance optimization is very crucial to enhance the online experience of your customers. This will eventually benefit enterprises to earn better and grow in the agile market at a faster pace.

Why should one focus on Laravel performance optimization?

Due to the structure of the framework and the associated libraries, enable laravel developers to create robust code with the least effort. However, the code still has room for optimization that could be used for laravel performance tweaking to make sure smooth performance after deployment.

Performance and optimization are two vital factors that determine the success of every business application. Typically, laravel performance optimization is an important aspect that every Laravel Development Company should be able to deliver to its clients.

Here are ten tips that will help you improve the overall performance of Laravel:

1. Route caching

Route caching is a crucial optimization feature, especially for apps with a lot of routes and configurations. The route cache is a straightforward array and helps in speeding up Laravel performance because of the faster loading of the array. To achieve this, follow the command: php artisan route: cache. Don’t forget to run the command every time config or the routes files have been changed.

Or else, Laravel will load changes and from the cache. To clear the cache, follow the command: PHP artisan route: clear.

2. Config caching

Laravel provides an excellent impressive command, Artisan Cache Config, that is very helpful in boosting performance. The primary usage of this command is: php artisan config: cache. Once your config the cache, the changes you make do not have an effect. If you wish to revive the config, then run the above command once again.

And to clear the config cache, use the following command: php artisan config: clear. To further optimize the application, you can use of cache that caches the PHP codes, so you don’t need to recompile it.

3. Class optimization

Even a mid-level Laravel app has numerous files because Laravel has the custom of calling, including several files for include requests. A simple way to declare all the files that would be included for include requests and unite them in a single file. Hence, for all include requests, a single file will be called and loaded. To accomplish this, use the following command: php artisan optimize –force.

4. Limit Included Libraries

The best thing about Laravel is the huge number of libraries that could be included in an app. This is undoubtedly a good thing, but the downside is the high level of drag that application experiences and largely experience slow down. This is why it is important to review all the library’s tata recalled within the code. If you think you can accomplish a web app without using a library, then remove it from the config/app.php to speed up the Laravel app. Another important place to look is composer.json.

5. Composer optimize Autoload

It is a good idea to use the Composer to scan the application and create a one-to-one alliance of the classes and files in the application. Use the following command: composer dump-autoload –o

6. Cache Queries Results

Caching the results of the queries that are often run is a great way of improving Laravel 5.5 performance. For this we would recommend you to follow the commands that are mentioned below:

  • Sposts= Cache: :remember (‘index.posts’, 30, function ()
  • {return Post: : with (‘comments’, ‘tags’, ‘author’, ‘seo’) ->whereHidden (o) ->get ();});

7. Precompile Assets

For Laravel application tweaking, developers often distribute code into separate files. While this keeps the code clean and convenient, it doesn’t contribute to competent production. To help developers in the optimization process, laravel can help you with a simple command:

  • Php artisan optimize
  • Php artisan config: cache
  • Php artisan route: cache

8. Assets bundling

Laravel mix is available by default with all laravel applications. It optimizes many common CSS and JavaScript preprocessors; the Laravel mix provides a powerful API to define Webpack build for your PHP applications. To compile application assets, including styles, scripts, and others, you can utilize the Laravel mix for compilation. You can efficiently concatenate various stylesheets into a single file with these commands:

  • styles ([
  • ‘public/css/vendor/normalize.css,’
  • ‘public/css/styles.css’
  • ], ‘public/css/all.css’);

9. JIT Compiler

Interpreting PHP code to bytecode and then executing it is a labor-intensive process. This is why go-between such as Zend Engine is required to perform the C subordinates. This process has to be repeated every time the app is executed. To lessen the overall time, this process must be repeated just once.

10. Choose a fast cache and session driver

To achieve optimal Laravel optimization, the best route is to store the cache and sessions in the RAM. The driver key for changing the session driver is usually located in app/config/session.php. Similarly, the driver key for improving the cache driver is situated in the app/config/cache.php.

Jainesh Shah is a CEO and Co-Founder of iCreative Technologies Inc. iCreative Technologies is a digital eCommerce agency mainly serving B2B clients across the globe. With over 15 years of experience in technology and business, he is helping his client thrive in this competitive era. He is specialized in eCommerce consulting, creative thinking, generating new business ideas, and delivering end products to market in the digital space. He is working with the vision to help his partner agencies and Clients to grow in their respective businesses.

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