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Shopware Integration is an excellent solution for sufficing the changing demands of eCommerce, giving you the liberty to promptly and easily leverage your growth potential and concentrate on the comprehensive customer experience.

Introduced in 2019, the new and completely overhauled version of Shopware has been a grand success so far. Shopware welcomed the ambitious and ballsy step to recreate its commerce platform with entirely new technology. And with success, their Symfony essence with a truncated administration panel is sturdy, durable, and ready for growth. But to be realistic, we are a little subjective to the fact that our platform appears to have the same technology stack.

Kickstart Your Next Integration

The Shopware migration template is ready for kickstarting your project. We help you with a Connector Template that connects to the API of Shopware. This API-led integration approach makes sure that our customers profit from a regulated and optimized connection that evolves beside the Shopware platform. The only thing you have to do is outline the data from your other endpoint.

Shopware API Versions Automatically Managed

And that’s where it gets fascinating. Because Shopware rolls out the latest versions of their API every once and a while. Where Shopware began with API version 1, the latest Shopware 6.3 comes with API version 3. It is to be assumed that latest versions of the API will be rolled out across the upcoming months and years to follow.

These new API versions come with variations. Innovations that impact a merchant’s eCommerce platform and integrations. Because the integrations that have been created, by developers or plugin builders, need to be renewed. This may cause pain points, because custom code or specific plugins need to be enhanced manually and by developers, within the scope of the platform.

This results in inherent conflicts with other custom code or plugins. And only Shopware development experts can do these kinds of updates. In the beginning stage of an eCommerce website, this won’t create real problems. But it will, over a period of time. More systems will be correlated, more custom functionality will be added together with plugins, and field knowledge will leave once your chosen developer is not feasible anymore.

 This will create unwanted data issues and development costs. The primary investment will be protected by unexpected maintenance costs, which causes a great total cost of purchase.

An Integration Plan is Essential for Digital Success

As an agency, merchant, or developer, starting a project with a common integration strategy is important to create a stable fundament for the prospect of an eCommerce platform.

– Gently extend software and data integrations, add or modify new software in a little time. It enables you to rise in an active way and continue to be flexible over time. Pre-built integration templates are assisting you to kickstart your integration. Choosing an iPaaS integration solution blocks you from a mixed-up IT view with numerous custom code or plugin solutions.

– Comply with privacy laws such as GDPR, by being ready to report and act on an ever-expanding assortment of rules that companies must comply with. An iPaaS solution fixes all integrations in one place and will assist you with managing your data.

– Monitoring and logging abilities support you to resolve problems quickly. With an iPaaS in place, you can check huge business impact because of the ability to zoom in on issues and fix them via the user interface.

– With the iPaaS and the Shopware Connector Template, you’ll be convinced that your integration will be future-proof and that it promotes recently released API versions. And all of that compliance and robustness without custom code or plugins within your Shopware platform.

Be Available for the Future

Moving to a new eCommerce platform is an excellent way to check general pitfalls and to rethink previously made decisions. Choosing a middleware integration platform will help you untangle your data and create a solidly integrated landscape ready for the future.

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