5 Advantages of Using React Native for your Next Mobile App Development Project

React Native is an open-source framework. It is a unique platform introduced by Facebook that helps you develop native-like Mobile App Development. The primary focus of React Native is to mix the Native Mobile App experience from the user end, utilizing the native UI components, along with the React Web App experience at the developer end, using similar components as React JS.

The React Native tagline – simply reflects the working principle of Cross-Platform Development, allowing a developer skilled in a specific technology to develop an effectual mobile application for various platforms, rather than learning different languages.

The magnifying prevalence of React Native since its release in 2015, is making it the selection of beginners as well as tech goliaths like Instagram, Myntra, Facebook, Tesla, UberEats, Skype, etc, can be simply discovered through these stats.

– Github – 86.1K Stars and 19.2 Forks

Stack share – 9.4K Stacks and 8.4K Followers

If you are also preparing to join the community and shift to React Native, here we have listed the benefits of React Native that makes it stand out from the other Mobile App Development Frameworks.

Benefits of React Native over other Frameworks

To extort a look at the advantages of choosing React Native for your Mobile Development Project from Xamarin vs React Native, it is well said that React Native is bound with scalability, community support, application flexibility, application performance, tools for IOS and Android, compatibility with the heavy graphics, etc. So, moving further, let’s check out the abilities of React Native in this field.


The cost for Android and iOS application development and maintenance is considerably high, which has been a topic of concern for the companies. React Native, being a cross-platform development framework, declares to be an extremely cost-effective solution, allowing you to limit the cost by choosing a single native developer for the application preferably hiring one for each technology.

It also reduces the costs on the licenses of the IDEs for coding due to the availability of several free IDE options available for React Native, unique to Xamarin which demands you to buy the license of the Visual Studio to work upon.

  • Native Experience

The best highlight of React Native, unlike other frameworks like Ionic and PhoneGap, is the Native experience terms. Ionic and PhoneGap use HTML/CSS, enabling you to make proposals to the native apps, though, the regularity of the essential functions like the maps, navigation, keyboard, camera, etc, cannot be assured.

React Native, in contrast, immediately interacts with the native UI widgets, rather than using Web View Component or making calls through the HTML code to the pre-existing native apps or designing the models of native apps. Among the various framework choices available for mobile app development, React Native performs most suitable for UI intensive applications by far.

  • Foreseeable Future

With solid support from Facebook, React Native is controlling the market and will proceed to do so in the prospect as well. Facebook has been actively working on React Native and has already published several thriving stable versions ranging from version 0.5 to version 0.62. The popularity and the trust of the developers and the company on the framework, simply hint towards the foreseeable future of React Native.

  • Ecosystem

React Native has a great ecosystem covering a huge community, a rich library, and powerful support. React Native, being a JavaScript-based framework and a product of Facebook, has acquired a bundle of advantages of React JS such as the characteristics and features of React JS, the current community, reliability, etc.

Along with the access to the React JavaScript Library, React Native also utilizes the React JS functionalities like discrete programming, wrapping up of the DOM(Document Object Model) bodily function and changes through high-level abstraction

  • Short Learning Curve-

If you have always worked with JavaScript and React, you can quickly work on React Native and understand the related concepts. React Native does not need you to learn several technologies such as C# and Visual Studio for Xamarin, Dart for Flutter, HTML/CSS for Ionic and PhoneGap, etc, making the app development process a lot simpler for the fledglings as well as the experts, allowing them to work on their original skills rather than battling with technical intricacies of the languages and the frameworks.


With its reasonable share of qualities and faults, and considering the unbiased assessment, React Native has definitely come out as the victor among several alternatives such as PhoneGap, Flutter, Ionic, Xamarin, etc.

React Native, with so many astounding characteristics as mentioned in the articles, is deemed one of the most suitable choices for the Cross-Platform Mobile Application Development. Without further do, hire a React Native Developer and get your Mobile application developed on React Native, and experience prosperity with ease. Get in touch with us now:

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