Strategies that Turned into Success: How We Boosted Sales on Black Friday & Cyber Monday

The thrill of the chase, the pounding of hearts, and the rush of securing a coveted item at a bargain price – these are the ingredients that make Black Friday and Cyber Monday some of the most exhilarating, high-stakes events of the retail year for eCommerce stores.

But there are some questions that always trouble business owners:

  • How to make sure you are not just part of the game but are playing to win?
  • How to stand out from the competition?
  • How to create irresistible offers and promotions?
  • How to optimize your website and marketing channels for conversions?
  • How to handle the increased traffic and orders?

Our consultants at – (Please insert the name of the company here) not only answered these questions but proved their expertise by helping our clients gain 3X profit last year. We have been instrumental in guiding several of our clients through these high-velocity shopping sprees, transforming them into revenue bonanzas. 

Here we have shared some promising trailblazing strategies not only because they are innovative but also because they worked and drove these outstanding results. Let’s have a look!

The Art of the Prequel

In the same way, a blockbuster movie builds anticipation through its prequel; we encourage our clients to create a buzz before the actual sale; nothing is better than creating hype that excites people. To build up anticipation, this was done through ‘sneak peeks’ of upcoming deals, loyalty-member-only previews, and interactive countdowns. This approach created a community of informed and enthusiastic customers ready to strike when the deals went live.

Holiday-Themed Landing Page

Never underestimate the power of vibrant and aesthetic visual design. Your online storefront is a make-or-break factor for shoppers, and the landing page is the first impression. Our consultants went beyond just updating our clients’ sites in advance. We curated vibrant, holiday-specific landing pages that acted as a sales catalyst. The pages highlighted exclusive deals and holiday offerings with holiday-specific quotes and pictures, creating an irresistible shopping atmosphere.

Personalization is King

Long live the king, and long live personalization. In a sea of generic discounts and broad-spectrum promotions, personalized offers are the lighthouse guiding customers to their dream deals. We used data-driven insights to offer customers what they didn’t even know they wanted. Using targeted emails, in-app messages, and AI-powered recommendations, our clients provided irresistible, tailor-made deals for their customers.

Gamification Galore

Shopping is fun on its own. But, we sprinkled some extra fun by integrating gamification into our clients’ sales strategies. Regarding gamification in sales, few strategies are as effective – and universally loved – as Spin-The-Wheel deals. By integrating these interactive, game-like elements into the shopping experience, our clients were able to amplify customer engagement and significantly boost their sales.

The Speedy Performance Tuning

It is no mystery that shoppers have little patience. If your website takes more than 5 seconds to load, the shopper will likely exit the store and never visit it again. This happens especially during high-intensity sales events when there are more options available. We ensured our clients’ sites were supercharged and running faster than a Ferrari on a freeway. This included image optimization, cache management, and load balancing to minimize site loading times and keep customers engaged.

Deals Worth a Double Take

Who can resist an exclusive deal? We helped our clients craft irresistible offers that were lucrative and created a sense of exclusivity. Bundling products, offering limited-time discounts, or including freebies proved to be a magnet for shoppers, enticing them to add just one more item to their carts.

The Power of a Ticking Clock

Just as how countdown helped increase hype and excitement, the ticking clock timer of the time left for the deals helped increase the rush in shoppers. To create urgency, we harnessed the power of the ticking clock. Using countdown timers for deals, we heightened the sense of scarcity, stimulating quick purchasing decisions and keeping the sales momentum high throughout the event.

Customer Service Ready for the Rush

Behind every successful sale, a team of customer service professionals is ready to assist. We prepared our client’s customer service teams for the onslaught, training them to handle myriad queries and potential issues. A well-prepared team translates into happy, satisfied customers.

Free Shipping – The Sweetest Phrase

“Free Shipping” is perhaps the sweetest phrase to a shopper’s ear. Our consultants helped structure pricing strategies that allowed our clients to offer free shipping without compromising profit margins. This small yet effective strategy significantly increased conversions.

Influencer Collaborations – Amplifying the Message

Research shows there is potential for an increased shopping rate if a person hears the advertisement from others rather than a random sponsored post. We partnered with influencers and content creators to experiment with this and expand our reach. This allowed our clients to tap into new audiences, and the endorsements from these influencers lent credibility and increased brand trust. This also helped our clients build some long-lasting relationships.

Harnessing the Post-sale Momentum

The end of Black Friday or Cyber Monday doesn’t have to mean the end of sales. Breaking free from the traditional single-day approach can yield remarkable results regarding sales events like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. By offering discounts in advance or after Black Friday and Cyber Monday, companies can take advantage of cost savings and pass these benefits to their customers during the main sales events. This win-win situation fosters stronger client relationships and can increase brand loyalty.

These strategies transformed Black Friday and Cyber Monday into record-breaking sales days for our clients. But our work continues. We continually refine and innovate to ensure our clients stay ahead of the curve. 

Our extensive portfolio and numerous case studies prove how we leveraged these strategies to provide best-in-class eCommerce results to our clients. If you need any help building your store perfectly this holiday season, schedule a CTA with us. 

With the help of our consultants, you can learn how to

  • Identify your target audience and their pain points.
  • Conduct a competitive analysis and find your unique selling proposition.
  • Design and test landing pages, emails, ads, and social media posts.
  • Set up tracking and analytics to monitor your performance and ROI.
  • Provide ongoing support and guidance throughout the campaign.

So are you ready to conquer your next big sales event? contact us.

Shlok is working as Operations Manager and leading the consulting team at iCreative technologies, we're a digital eCommerce agency mainly serving B2B clients across the globe. With experiences in more then 15 eCommerce framework segments, Shlok offers consulting and expert advices to different business problems and getting custom as well as process oriented solutions for his client. Given more then 100 solutions to our customers and made them happy with the best possible consulting services!

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