Top Shopware 6 Features of 2024

The digital marketplace is constantly moving, and Shopware is not just keeping pace but sprinting ahead. With the recent release of Shopware 6 and the innovations with Shopware 6.5, users are given the luxuriously advanced features that can drastically grow your store.

Following this major release came a minor one with Shopware With that, Shopware 6 released a treasure trove of features and a new set of Shopware plugins that have been gifted to users, setting the stage for eCommerce in 2024. So, let’s unwrap some of the most celebrated Shopware 6 features and see how they can change your eCommerce game!

New AR and 3D Features

Ever wonder how that new sofa would look in your living room? Shopware’s Spatial Commerce is here to answer that question. This feature introduces augmented reality and 3D capabilities directly into the shopping experience. Customers can view products in realistic 3D space, such as their room, allowing for a more immersive shopping journey.   

This feature helps eliminate the need for ‘trying before buying’ that offline shopping offers. From trying out furniture in a virtual living room to examining detailed features of a tech gadget up close, Spatial Commerce enhances visual engagement and makes online shopping more tangible.

Employee Management: B2B Made Easy

For businesses operating in the B2B sector, efficient order management is crucial. It simplifies the order approval process, aligning purchases with company policies and giving businesses more control over their operations.

With the latest Shopware update, a new approval process has been introduced specifically for B2B transactions. This feature streamlines the ordering workflow by enabling designated employees to approve orders before they are processed. This enhances accountability and oversight and also ensures that all B2B transactions meet the required business standards and protocols. 

AI Copilot: The Smart Way to Shop

It is often difficult to find the exact thing you want online. However, this new Shopware 6 feature makes searching for products much more manageable. Instead of typing in keywords, customers can now simply upload an image of the desired product. The AI Copilot will then analyze the image and search for similar products within the catalog. This innovative feature is designed to simplify the search process and help customers find exactly what they are looking for with just a few clicks.

Negotiate Better with Quote Management Feature

In the B2B world, personalized offers and quote management are essential for nurturing client relationships. With Shopware’s latest enhancements, businesses can create and manage customized quotes more efficiently. The new features allow for more excellent pricing and configuration flexibility, ensuring that B2B clients receive tailored proposals that meet their needs. This Shopware feature improves the overall customer experience and enhances the ability of businesses to close deals faster and more effectively. 

Performance Improvements in Shopware versions to

Staying up-to-date with the latest technologies is essential for any modern e-commerce platform. With Shopware versions to, there is an update to PHP 8.3. This enhances compatibility with the latest server environments and introduces new features and improvements offered by PHP’s latest version. Developers can use the benefits of PHP 8.3 to build more robust and efficient online stores on the Shopware platform. A smoother user experience and quicker loading times are also guaranteed by this.

Other Notable Enhancements

In addition to performance and compatibility upgrades, Shopware’s recent releases include a range of enhancements aimed at refining the developer experience and enhancing overall platform functionality. The developers can look forward to:

  • Bug fixes and stability improvements
  • Optimizations for backend workflows
  • Enhancements to APIs and developer tools

These updates underscore Shopware’s commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. By listening to user feedback and staying abreast of industry trends, Shopware ensures that it remains a leading platform that adapts to the evolving needs of online businesses.


Shopware’s latest features leap into the future of e-commerce. By integrating AR, 3D, AI, and enhanced B2B functionalities, Shopware is not just following the latest trends—it’s creating them. As we look ahead, it’s clear that Shopware will continue to be a driving force in the online shopping revolution.  We hope you leverage as many features as possible to build the best online shop!

Bhavya Shah is a Business Analyst at iCreative Technologies. He specializes in the eCommerce consulting for all business domains. He is working hand-in-hand with developers and clients to produce requirements and specifications that accurately reflect business needs and are technologically achievable.

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