Importance of Shopware Monitoring and what does it include?

fOnline shopping is now becoming everyone’s favorite and thus for many businesses, E-commerce has become one of the most important revenue generators. But just creating an E-commerce website is not enough; you have to go a long way and do a lot of work to keep the site live and sales-generating. One single mistake or error in your site and you will lose your customer to your competitor. Whichever E-commerce platform you use, monitoring it will give you profound benefits.

What is Shopware Monitoring?

shopware monitoring

Complete control of the circumstances is the foundation of a successful business. To be successful in the E-commerce sector, you must first analyze your exposures, conduct in-house analytics and compare the services of your competitors.

Shopware website monitoring is the practice of ensuring the availability and smooth operation of a website or web application by testing its performance. Various website monitoring services and tools are available to conduct the monitoring process.

Shopware monitoring will aid in the selection of practical measures, the enhancement of necessary services, the establishment of a foundation for improving the purchase experience and the optimization of the overall shopping experience. In this way, you can recognise the issues and risk factors in your business at the right time, can keep your customers from going to competitors’ websites and can take the sales to the next level.

What should you include in Shopware Website Monitoring?

You should do your Shopware E-commerce site’s monitoring from time to time to ensure the effective functioning of your site. You should monitor the following performance metrics:

1. Server, Availability, or Uptime Monitoring

You should regularly check the availability of your Shopware online shop as a basic monitoring method to make sure that your website is accessible to all users. Sometimes your store is not available to the buyer because of problems with hosting, server, incorrect update of plugins, etc. The purpose of availability monitoring is to test the server’s responsiveness and response time. You should check the website’s accessibility from the outside every five minutes on a continual and automated basis to ensure its availability.

2. Usability Monitoring

This monitoring detects the problem in usability or display. Usability monitoring will recognise missing product images, missing prices or errors in JavaScript.

3. Page Load time Monitoring

Page Load time Monitoring

This is a key metric in website performance monitoring as visitors can abandon your site if it takes more time to load. This metric monitoring measures how long it takes for a web page to load and how to improve it.

4. The performance or Efficiency Monitoring

The performance of an online store can impact the conversion rate. But as you are using a Shopware platform for your E-commerce site, you can assume that the performance is already high, you just have to choose the right hosting provider.

5. Content Monitoring

It entails determining whether or not a specific text can be displayed at a given URL. It is also a contextual analysis of all types of content on your website.

6. Error Rate or Technical Monitoring

This indicator depicts the percentage of requests with difficulties per total number of requests received by your web store. It is very important to track the errors in the browser. You can start with synthetic monitoring, which is constantly examining the website in the same browser to identify significant errors. To identify the bugs and the shortcomings, you can switch to monitoring a real user.

7. SEO Monitoring

seo monitoring

Shopware was created with key SEO considerations in mind, but it is still a good idea to double-check compatibility with existing plugins. You should optimise your E-commerce site for SEO to get more traffic and sales as more of the customers come through search engines. Check that your website works well on mobile devices as well. Also check sitemap, dead links, missing URLs etc. You can use tools like Google Lighthouse.

8. Security Monitoring

Customers do not visit ‘Not Secure’ Websites. So for your business to grow and to avoid a cyber-attack, hacking or consumer data theft, you must keep an eye on the security of your online store by performing security monitoring. As Shopware is such a safe platform, there is only one essential task: keep the programme and all plugins up to date and only use mature, well-tested plugins.

9. E-commerce Monitoring

For E-commerce Monitoring, you can look at the important Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and monitor them continuously. It is vital to distinguish between peak sales and off-peak sales periods. Only in this manner can meaningful thresholds be identified. Monitor the following indicators:

  • Sales volume
  • Abandoned carts
  • Newsletter signup
  • Number of visitors
  • New Logins
  • Number of orders
  • Product sitemap – Monitor that the sitemap is standard and includes all the data of the store.
  • Correct price display – Search arbitrarily for the wrong prices of the products and also the products that cost “Zero” due to an error.

Tools used for Shopware Website Monitoring

There are many tools or solutions available for Shopware website monitoring. A few of them are as follows:

It is a website monitoring service and has recently released 1st plugin for Shopware 6. It is very competitive because it is open-source and anyone can make changes to the code and add custom monitoring metrics that are relevant to the business.

MND Monitoring Plugin:

It notifies online merchants about several issues such as unfilled or empty feeds, outdated plugins, doubtful activity on the website etc. This plugin can still operate if the site does not respond.


Regular website monitoring helps to reduce the probability of failures, as well as customer discontent and business loss. There are plenty of Shopware monitoring tools available in the market but they differ from one another in terms of functionality. You can choose one as per your requirements for the site.
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