How to Hire Magento Developers

Magento is one of the popular eCommerce development platforms that meets every requirement of online merchants to provide a smooth shopping experience to customers. According to recent trends, Magento ranks 4th position as the most popular eCommerce platform in the Top 1 million eCommerce store. Which means it’s a quite popular platform and there are lots options out there when you are search for a skilled Magneto developer.

Before making this decision of hiring a developer you need to have an understanding of what sort of Magento website you need to build. Hiring a proficient Magento developer can help to integrate and maintain store, custom theme development, multi-store development, integrating secure payments, store migration, extension development and 3rd party integration. Magneto developers give complete solutions from planning to development to after-sales services for your Magento ecommerce website. Hiring a right candidate is a tedious task, here are some points to help you make right decision:-

1. Agencies or freelancers

Whether you want to create a Magento store from a scratch or migrate your website to Magento it is better to seek a professional assistance from an agency or freelancer according to your needs and budget.

Hire a freelancer

It is easier to find a freelancer through popular websites such as Upwork, Toptal, Fiverr etc. to save time and money, these websites offer insights on the freelancer by giving ratings and review on their profiles. Here are pros and cons of a freelancer developer:-


  • It is a good option to invest in a freelancer if the project is small or medium, you can also hire freelancer to create a new functionality in the current website.
  • They have a specific skills in a certain expertise.
  • A freelancer developers costs less than the agencies.


  • A trust issue may arise while working with a freelancer developer.
  • A delay in communication may arise during the project.
  • A risk of intellectual property exposure.

Hire an agencies or company

Having a bigger project can be a difficult task for a single-handed freelancer so hiring a company would be a better option as they have wider skills and provide other services. Here are pros and cons of hiring an agencies:-


  • Going for an official Magento partner agency is better as they have experience and certified developers that provides end-to- end services.
  • The agencies generally have all the resources that project may require which includes latest tools, techniques and infrastructure.
  • You will get a project manager with you whom you can be in constant touch to ask about the progression of the project.


  • The project manager may have different style approach which may not be suited with your business.
  • Agency may ask for additional money if you ask something out of scope.
  • Going for a partner company, you have to 20 to 30% higher cost than other freelancers.

It’s up to you to decide whether go for agency or freelancer who can work within your budget and expectations.

2. Check ratings and reviews of developers

It is important to check ratings and review whether you are watching a movie or hiring a Magento developer. The ratings and review gives an idea about candidate’s profile, proficiency and work excellence. You can utilize various platforms like Linkedin to see their endorsement and interest related activities and various freelancing platforms to see client reviews and ratings.

While checking the comment section from candidate’s profile, you need to look at positive as well as negative comments. But don’t let this review make you doubt the Magento development team which ticks off all the criteria. You can even connect with the Magento developer previous clients, by talking with them about the candidate’s expertise, knowledge, working methods and project delivery.

3. Look for a certified developer

One of the most important criteria to look for in a Magento Developer is certification. It is recommended to look for a certified Magento developer, having a certification clarifies the candidate’s skills and knowledge that is needed to build the Magento eCommerce website. A certified developer has in-depth knowledge of Content Management System (CMS) to implement required features and functionalities on the ecommerce project. There are many Magento developers out in the market but you cannot hire anyone when you need the best for your business.

4. Check their portfolios and credentials

The other criteria to look in a Magento developer is their previous Magento work portfolios and credentials. The developers may have a certification but it is tough to know that they are suitable for project development.

Their work portfolios can display the skill, knowledge, working techniques and task they have performed until now. The developer’s work portfolio can give you an idea about their number of projects, experience, proficiency, design and development work etc.

5. Quality service

Hiring the cheapest Magento developers can be your biggest disappointment. Compromise with the quality may save few bucks, probably you don’t want to do it, correct? Instead, start invest in talented, reliable and experienced developers to achieve your expectations. When you go for a quality services then you are assured that you will get best out of what you have invested in the developer.

6. After-sales support

A good Magneto developer will even support you after the successfully completion of your website. The developer must provide site maintenance and support by dealing with the version upgrades, fixation of technical glitches, managing backend issues etc. Magento development team gives the quick support to the clients and solve all the queries related to their needs.

7. Security of websites

Security and safety is a prioritizing aspect in the ecommerce websites. Cyber criminals often try to steal data and look for loopholes into the code to hack the website. As Magento software updates its security, make sure that developers implements those in the websites. Developers execute all safety measures with 2 step authentication, changing admin URL, most secure passwords and executing HTTPS.


An ecommerce software like Magento can be quite challenging. Only Professional developers can guide, support, build and improve Magento websites for you. With the help of this guide, you can get a clear picture of what to consider while hiring a Magento developer for your ecommerce project.

Happy Researching!

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Jainesh Shah is a CEO and Co-Founder of iCreative Technologies Inc. iCreative Technologies is a digital eCommerce agency mainly serving B2B clients across the globe. With over 15 years of experience in technology and business, he is helping his client thrive in this competitive era. He is specialized in eCommerce consulting, creative thinking, generating new business ideas, and delivering end products to market in the digital space. He is working with the vision to help his partner agencies and Clients to grow in their respective businesses.

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