New Shopware Major Release – Things That Will Change For The Business Owners And Developers

Shopware, a comprehensive content management system, is ready to release Shopware 6.5 for business owners and developers. This major release is set to outdo prior versions and enable business entities and developers to create an effective eCommerce platform with better functionalities. Known for its constant improvisation over older versions, Shopware releases an improved performance in a month. By doing so, they ensure that developers can easily use this CMS and that business owners can make better eCommerce platforms with the possibility of an enhanced online presence. 

The release of new and improved Shopware 6.5 is almost around the corner. However, the company has also launched the pre-release beta version of the release candidate (RC). Developers can test the beta version and suggest improvements. 

In this blog, developers and business owners can learn about the improvements in Shopware 6.5 over previous versions and “how to suggest improvements about RC.”

Things to Change for Developers and Business Owners in Shopware 6.5

With its newer version, 6.5, Shopware plans and projects to change significantly over previous versions. These changes are meant to make the job easier for Shopware Developers. These changes also help business owners take back charge of CMS. In this section, we will dive deep into every change that Shopware has made to make development effective and time-saving. 

  • Improved Shopware installer

The latest release will offer a new and improved Shopware installer. With this, you no longer have to download the Shopware installer file as a .zip file via the website. Now, you can easily download the installer and updater file, i.e., phar-file, from the Shopware website. 

  • Custom entities in Shopware CMS

Shopware CMS will allow eCommerce merchants to make and distribute sales page content hassle-free. For that, Shopware will enable developers to use customer entities in CMS which may help merchants to create unique content. 

  • Improved performance

Shopware has also enhanced the administration performance in its new version. They have added lazy loading and an option to optimize start-up calls.

  • Add new rules liberally

With Shopware 6.5, adding new rules in a program will be easier and faster. Now, you no longer have to assign new rules to each component.

  • Internet Explorer 11 is no longer supported

Shopware has incorporated Bootstrap v5 in its new release. With that, they have ditched Internet Explorer 11 support. As the browser’s popularity and use-case decrease daily, Shopware has decided to move on from Internet Explorer.

  • Changes in Queue System

Shopware has made its queue system based on Symfony Messager standards. With this, developers can queue tasks in memory or the system. With this release, developers can make various channels for queue workers. 

  • Removal of jQuery dependency

As mentioned earlier, Shopware has incorporated Bootstrap v5 in its newer version. It has removed jQuery dependency as Bootstrap v5 doesn’t support it anymore. Another reason behind removing jQuery dependency is that the Javascript APIs and browser support have significantly improved.

  • Changes in the font family

Shopware 6.5 has included a new font family, “Inter,” in its CMS to make commands and interface easy to read.

  • New icons in the Admin panel

The latest version also includes the new icon pack in its administration panel.

  • Design Update for Storefront

Developers and business owners can use different colors for their storefronts as the new Shopware 6.5 provides new primary colors and borders to customize your storefront design. 

  • Change in Quantity Selector

From now on, your eCommerce customers can input their quantity preferences with the help of the “+” and “-” buttons. In the earlier version, Shopware had a dropdown feature to allow customers to customize their quantity preferences. 

Apart from the above mentioned changes, these are the other changes that you will find in the new Shopware 6.5 update –

  1. Updates of ESlint, Stylelint, Sass & Babel setup
  2. Manifest schema for app programming upgraded
  3. Consequent use of SameSite Cookie Strategy
  4. Breaking changes in the admin order module
  5. Remove prefixes in the manifest file

With these dynamic changes, Shopware is ready to provide business owners and developers with an improved eCommerce website-building experience. Although some of the changes are minor, they are only done to improve the user experience of their CMS. If you’re a developer, it’s high time to test the pre-release version of Shopware 6.5 to ensure that you are set to use the new version or give important feedback which will help Shopware make the required changes.

How Can Developers Give Feedback to Shopware?

Developers can give feedback to Shopware through Slack. As the company believes in taking feedback constructively, they created a Slack channel for feedback related to the Release Candidate of Shopware 6.5. We highly recommend that Shopware developers test the beta version of the CMS and give feedback and suggestions to Shopware for better and improved new versions.

The Difference Between Pre-Release RC and Shopware 6.5

Although the pre-released RC is the same as Shopware 6.5, you might see some changes in the final version. These changes will include only minor bug fixes that Shopware developers may point out. That said, if you have a hand in pre-released RC, you can access Shopware 6.5.


If you’re a business owner that uses Shopware CMS for their eCommerce platform, Shopware 6.5 may provide you with better opportunities to improve the online presence of your platform. For developers, Shopware has worked a lot to enhance the functionality of its system and make it easier to create a cutting-edge eCommerce platform. You must check out the beta version of the new update to ensure you know what Shopware has in store. 

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