Shopware Evolve- Features, Pricing and Everything You Need to Know

Shopware Evolve

In light of the results of recent evaluations, polls, and forecasts, the Shopware team has adjusted the products in their catalog, as stated in the press release. This allows their customers to select from various tailored plans to meet their flexibility, customization, and scalability requirements.

The new plans are named Shopware Rise, Shopware Evolve, and Shopware Beyond.

In contrast to the previous situation, the platform currently offers three different plans to choose from. This ensures that retailers can choose the options that are best suited to meet their particular requirements. This program improves upon the Shopware Professional and Enterprise editions that came before it, which were both very successful. It adds several new features, options, and support levels, all of which provide a higher level of convenience and adaptability, particularly for larger retailers.

In addition to that, it offers support as we are already discussing this topic. Established online stores and new businesses wanting to invest in their online store from the beginning can take advantage of the fee-based plans. Costs associated with the plans have traditionally been proportional to the size of an organization.

Evolve Plan

The next game is Evolve. “Accelerate your growth” is the goal that this strategy aims to achieve. You will have the flexibility to evaluate new ideas quickly, comprehensive B2C and B2B capabilities and cutting-edge CX features to enhance your online presence as a result of using this. The price of this solution is highly individualized and determined on an as-needed basis.

Shopware Evolve contains all of the features available in Shopware Rise. Evolve is intended for retailers with various business models, including pure B2B retailers, hybrid industries concentrating on B2B and B2C, and possibly D2C.

Why Evolve?

Shopware Evolve is designed for clients who are speeding up their expansion. This is for clients who are already digitally advanced and who sell across multiple channels and countries. They are continually changing their business and testing multiple growth-enhancing strategies. This plan provides extensive B2C & B2B features to help merchants increase sales across all channels. It is optimal for Merchants with annual sales of up to $5 million.

Beneficial Aspects of Shopware Evolve:

1. Advanced B2B Capabilities – You have the choice to outfit your store using the most crucial B2B features, thanks to the B2B Capabilities. These consist of order lists, fast orders, finances, and quotas.

  • Quote Management- You can easily manage sales offer submission and approval. Prepare proposals for your clients and mail them, then accept or reject their offers.
  • Enhanced Roles and Proper Management– Benefit from improved role and rights management tailored to B2B operations and roles. Establish rights for things like budgets and limitations, and decide who is permitted to access the B2B features, including those in the storefront.
  • Selling Personnel– Provide debtor functioning accounts to your sales professionals so they may handle special offers for clients and easily access their store accounts.
  • Order Listing– Large orders frequently occur in the B2B market, and the same orders are frequently placed repeatedly. Order lists make it easier for your clients to organize and plan their orders, saving them significant time.
  • Budget and Approval Workflows– Determine the procedures and budgets that an individual can do.
  • Quick Ordering Options– The only information your clients need to add orders to their shopping trolley or order list quickly is the item number and amount, which they can submit using a straightforward input mask or by uploading a file.

2. CMS Rules: If you want to target customers with discounts and offers, you may utilize the Rule Builder to find out which target markets see certain shop content. Create content regardless of the date, time, items in your basket, or the state of your customers using a variety of exciting possibilities.

3. Storytelling: Shopware Evolve gives you a practical, integrated CMS to create stunning landing pages, display original content, and deliver fantastic shopping experiences. The stories you tell along can  be told in a way that helps you win the trust of your customers. Create your unique narrative idea with Shopware Evolve and unleash your true creativity for your website or online shop!

4. Quick View: Customers get to have an uninterrupted shopping experience with quick view feature. For instance, if a customer is browsing and finds a product appealing, they can view the product details in a popup as well as add the product to the cart without having to go to the product detail page, hence, allowing them to continue with browsing the overview page.

5. Flow Promotion Actions: You may automatically provide discounts by using the flow promotion activities. By utilizing flows to accept discounts tied to particular criteria, you may integrate Flow Builder with marketing capabilities and promotional activities.

6. Advanced Search: Shopware 6’s search may be more comprehensive using the Advanced Search feature. Find rather than just search with Elasticsearch. Your clients will experience enhanced user interfaces and lightning-fast search results despite the massive data.

7. Flow Builder: The form builder feature allows you to configure forms for your shop as per your requirements. All you have to do is drag and drop text fields onto the form and arrange them as needed. What’s more, is that you can save the form you created as a template. 

 8. Phone Support: In case you have any technical queries in the store operator area of your Shopware account, you can always request a call back from the support team.

Apart from these features, the Shopware Evolve plan has many advanced and exciting features to offer.


Shopware offers two distinct types of product pricing in addition to catering to various consumer groups.


The default price is the standard cost of each item. The cost of production, the liquidity of the desirable item, and the item’s popularity all affect the price.


Over the actual price of the item, the fictional price appears small and crossed out. Make a “pseudo price” that has a line through it at the top. False pricing information, for example, “instead of 19.99£ RRP.”

Shopware Evolve Pricing

Shopware Evolve begins at $2400 monthly. The pricing is adaptable depending on the company’s revenue. For customers accustomed to the open-source model of Shopware, a price may appear steep. However, if you consider the value you receive, this will make sense & prove to be worthwhile. Comparing Shopware’s take rate to that of its competitors in the Mid-market segment reveals that Shopware is less expensive than its rivals.


A platform for an online business should meet the one-of-a-kind requirements of companies operating in the middle market. Scalability, intuitive ability, future growth, and adaptability are some characteristics that fall under this category. Because of this, every platform needs to be able to adjust quickly to the changes in the market. Shopware performs admirably. Proof of this can be found in that their updates come at just the right time and are designed to propel the platform to the top of the e-commerce industry.

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