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Shopware 6 Launch Checklists

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Below we have created a Shopware checklist that can be used in the pre-launch, launch, and post-launch stages of your website deployment. The checklist is based on the assumption that the website is ‘done in terms of development and QA; these are the final checks the eCommerce / Project Manager should make when launching it to the world.

Pre-Launch Checklist

To be undertaken when the site is deemed to be complete and ready to launch. Checks should take place on desktop, mobile, and tablet devices..

Register/Login Page

Category Pages/Product Listing Pages

Product Pages

Third-Party Reviews

On-Site Search

The following steps should be followed to help get the most out of your site search functionality:

The quality of site search results is subjective but through performing a range of relevant searches, you should have a good idea as to whether the algorithm is working optimally.  Remember: a lot of 3rd party services learn as they go, so this may need a bedding-in period post-launch.


We don’t want Google and co to index your new website before it is ready to launch, as this can cause all sorts of problems!  It’s important however to get the site ready from an SEO perspective, so the following steps should be followed at this pre-launch stage:

Promo codes


Social links

General admin/setup

It is recommended that every setting within all the sales channels is checked for each site on your new Shopware platform to ensure that nothing has been missed. Listing every single option here would not be practical but the below are commonly overlooked!

Transactional emails

Assuming Shopware is to be used for transactional emails, check that the following emails send correctly and look as expected on all devices:




Checks to be carried out for the following as both a logged in and guest user (if applicable):

Account area

Generally, the account area functionality is not adapted a great deal from a code point of view so will work as expected. It is still worth checking the following, however (this is particularly important if you have imported your customers over from your current website):


Based on the assumption of using the out-of-the-box Shopware navigation.  It is particularly important to check the site navigation on multiple devices.

CMS pages

As CMS pages can be infinitely varied, especially if using the CMS blocks functionality, it is important to check that each block used functions correctly across multiple devices.  It is very common for mistakes to be made here, so we suggest creating an example page with all the page builder blocks to be used across the site and ensure that these look and function as expected across all devices.

Cookie policy

Google Analytics / GTM

404 page

Holding page

When the new site launches there is likely to be downtime which can last for several hours, during which the holding page will show.  It is at this point that key stakeholders (as well as users) will be on this page, refreshing to see if it has launched yet, so it is important to get this page spot on!

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