About Haeberle lab

Haeberle Lab, a leading laboratory wholesaler in Germany, partnered with our digital marketing agency to enhance its online presence and drive growth through strategic SEO improvements. Our goal: optimize the website for better visibility, improved user experience, and increased lead generation, mirroring Haeberle Lab’s dedication to precision and excellence in the laboratory industry.

The Challenges

The project faced various challenges, such as inadequate language optimization, region-specific content gaps, and keyword deficiencies impacting online visibility. Solutions included optimizing website speed, adding keywords to H1 tags, integrating a blog section, implementing title tags and meta descriptions, enhancing HTML tag placement, completing product pricing, optimizing category descriptions, integrating a contact form with a PDF popup, removing default theme content, addressing missing product images, improving content readability, adding a homepage popup for PDF downloads, and building backlinks for better visibility.

How Did We Help?

  • Page Optimization: Enhancing accessibility and relevance across languages.
  • Region-Specific Content: Tailored for local resonance and engagement.
  • Keyword Integration: Optimized for diverse language landscapes.
  • SEO-User Design Balance: Optimizing for search and user experience.
  • Range of Solutions: Including image addition, speed optimization, metadata enhancement, and more.
  • Contact Form Integration: Facilitating easy access to resources.
  • Theme Customization: Removing defaults and improving content readability.
  • Link Building: Strengthening website authority.
  • H1 Tag Optimization: Enhancing page relevance.
  • Blog Section Addition: Enriching content and authority.

The Results

Growth in Traffic Compared to Last Year
70 %+
Growth in Leads
100 %
MoM Growth in Traffic
0 %

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