About Gaisbock

Gaisbock is a premier destination for high-quality hair care products in Switzerland. Their commitment to excellence is reflected in their range of premium face creams, shampoos, and after-shave products, meticulously designed exclusively for the modern man. It is made from 100% natural ingredients and is Swiss made. Nature thrives within Gaisbock products. Their adherence to sustainability benefits not only customers but also the environment and animal welfare.

  • In-house
  • Manufacturing
  • Vegan
  • 100% Natural
  • Not tested on Animals

The Challenges

The client encountered several challenges, notably inadequate optimization for multiple languages on their website. Additionally, there was a deficiency in region-specific content tailored to resonate with the diverse audience in Switzerland. Furthermore, the absence of relevant keywords hindered their website’s ranking potential, impacting their overall online visibility and performance.

How Did We Help?

To help Gaisbock rank well and get potential customers on our website, we tailored a well-thought SEO strategy that included: :

  • Implementing comprehensive on-page optimization across multiple language-specific barriers, enhancing accessibility and relevance for diverse audiences.
  • Crafting region-specific content ensures resonance with local audiences while maintaining linguistic consistency, fostering stronger connections and engagement.
  • Thorough keyword research and integration cater to linguistic nuances, optimizing visibility and searchability across diverse language landscapes.
  • Balancing SEO requirements with user-centric design enhances product page optimization, offering both search engine visibility and valuable customer experiences.
  • Local link building strategies, cultural sensitivity, and leveraging SEO techniques against established brands in Swiss markets further bolstered the client’s digital presence and competitiveness.

The Results

Growth in Organic Traffic
70 %
Growth in Sales
100 %
Growth in CTR
0 %

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