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Comfort and Care at simultaneous. Booking indeed your safe ride is just a few steps away now. With Ridecare you can register and login as a travel customer or as a driver. The customer primarily sends a request to the driver for providing the service to commute to different locations, the driver on receiving a request, can inform the customer by accepting or rejecting his request. While at the other end, customer can register and post their request by selecting the destination address. Customer easily gets the service by just sending a request to one of the driver listed. Ridecare gives a complete service on the go from providing customer feedback for the driver to the online payment benefits.


Managing two accounts for the customer and driver as well as managing push notifications for every bit of activity that was associated with the customer or the driver were the key tasks for the app developers. Along with the tracking the ride via GPS system, app also featured and provided the estimated ride time. Major hurdle was to identify pickup and drop off locations via pin. As a mandatory feature for this running life, tracking the payment and making the payment to the drivers was also developed on weekly basis.


We identified the best SDLC process model ( Agile). Also defined the database with respect to the user activity which included the driver as well as the customer. We very well managed to setup a server for instant push notifications. More precisely, we managed the payment cycle from back end and kept a track at the front end activity very well.


We delivered the Android application with its CMS capacity to handle application anytime.

  • Android:

    Java ,Eclipse

  • Admin Panel:

    Core PHP

  • Database:


  • Map API:

    Google Map API

Our Achievements