Shopware Rise – Features, Pricing and Everything You Need to Know

Shopware is an eCommerce platform built on PHP with a vast partner network, many features, and a user interface favorable to developers. It manages over 40,000 internet sites, and its market share is 4.70 percent. The modular architecture enables the quick creation of businesses, and its scalable and adaptable platform enables the customization of a company to meet specific needs.

Shopware has updated their product line in response to evaluations, polls, and projections. Due to the wide selection of plans available, their clients can choose the one that best meets their needs for individualization, adaptability, and scalability. The three new pricing plans are Rise, Evolve, and Beyond. The plans currently come in self-hosted or SaaS variations. On-demand, the platform offers all pricing plans as PaaS solutions.

Why switch to Shopware?

Now, let’s examine the benefits of Shopware 6 and describe why it is worthwhile to plan your migration from those other e-commerce platforms, particularly Magento, to Shopware 6. Numerous advantages are related to the system’s increasing popularity:

  • Extensive CMS Choices
  • Drag-&-Drop Instruments
  • Numerous Stores
  • Extensive Marketing Functionality
  • Built-in SEO Tools

Shopware 6 is appropriate for both small and large businesses. As can be seen, some of the world’s largest brands already favor this platform, as it is both robust and user-friendly. The e-commerce market is changing gradually, but this transformation accelerates annually.

Shopware Rise

Shopware Rise is the basic version. The first choice among the three Shopware pricing plans is priced the lowest and offers the fewest cutting-edge functionality. The cost of this solution starts at $600 and could go higher. With this strategy, you may streamline your business processes, exhibit your products to their maximum potential, and create a recognizable online presence.

The price begins at $600 per month.

Here you will find the Shopware Rise plan’s features, which are also part of the Evolve and Beyond plans.

  1. Content Management & Design

Shopware’s design has been meticulously considered and optimized for every available device. The design of your online store is fully modifiable, thanks to an open template.

  • Visual page constructor: Create visually appealing shop pages using drag and drop. This does not require you to be a developer or web designer.
  1. Workflow and Automation.

Shopware simplifies your day-to-day tasks with its user-friendly interface, numerous functions, and extensive configuration options.

  • Roles and permissions: This same user Administration allows you to manage all Administration users. Different roles & permissions can be assigned to other users.
  • Rule Builder: With Rule Builder, users can create rules based on specific conditions that can be used to calculate shipping costs, for instance.
  • Flow Builder: The Flow Builder enables you to automate and easily tailor your business operations without the need for programming expertise. You can also customize event-based acts, such as the automatic sending of documents.
  1. Customer Experience and Marketing

One of the essential features of every online store is the management of clients, orders, and prices. Several marketing tools available, even in the basic Shopware version, can help you sell more of your goods.

  • Promotions: You can design special offers and discounts for your clients here.
  • Customer groups: You can choose whether the rates displayed in the store are net or gross by using customer groups.
  • Cross-selling: You can set up cross-selling to display complementary accessories here on the product info page, for instance, when recommending items for your products.
  • SEO: For experts, optimizing a store to get it on the search engine results page should be simple. Due to the vast number of variables available in the SEO settings, it is possible to specify the layout for the SEO URLs of both the product detail web pages and categories.
  1. Inventory & Order management

Products are the focal point of an online store. Shopware provides all the features necessary to begin selling efficiently and quickly.

  • Dynamic product groups: These are products generated by dynamic rules and can be displayed in various locations throughout your store.
  • Payment method interconnectivity: You can choose which payment methods to offer in your online store. Choose from a variety of international payment service providers to accomplish this.
  • Shipping provider integration: In one shop’s administration, you can select which shipping options to create available to customers and with which shipping providers to collaborate.
  • Category management: Users administer one store’s category structure in category management. In Shopware 6, categories are also used to organize shop pages, service menus, and landing pages.
  1. B2B capabilities
  • Gross-/net-price display: The gross-/net-price view lets you describe which customer groups receive displayed prices and which tax rates are valid.
  1. Internationalization
  • Unrestricted sales channels: The sales channels attach various sales channels through a shop system. On the one hand, this is the traditional storefront. Nonetheless, sending data to comparison websites or incorporating social shopping (e.g. Instagram) is also feasible.
  • Currency and tax management: By choosing suitable currencies and tax rates for various countries, regions, and customers, you could provide customers with a more enjoyable shopping experience.
  • Multilingual: Make your store accessible in multiple languages.
  1. Other
  • Import/Export: Shopware 6 allows you to maintain your content via imports. Exports can be used to read existing content or to transmit it to interfaces and assessment techniques.
  • Migration: If you use a different eCommerce platform, you can transfer to Shopware. Our community & network of seasoned partner organizations can assist with migration.
  • Extensibility: If a function is missing, you can rely on our extensive selection of attachments in the Shopware Store.


  • With the assistance of Premium Themes, you can alter the appearance of your storefront. Give your shop a new look with minimal effort and significant effect. Please choose from modern themes with us & customize the design of your online store to your liking.
  • Blog: Users may write about it in a blog. Inform, inspire, and increase your organic reach with a blog. Use blog posts on your shop’s page to inspire (flexibility) customers and maximize the synergy between content and commerce.
  • Social media are now an integral component of a fully integrated business. Utilize social media sites such as Instagram and Pinterest as extra sales channels and aim your original target wherever they may be to increase brand awareness and sales.
  • Flow Preview: Would you like to know the impact of your created flows? You can accomplish this with the Flow Preview. Flow Builder preview can test the flows you’ve created before their activation to ensure everything is going efficiently.
  • Flow Sharing: Users can import, or export flows using Flow Sharing. Transfer flows created with the Flow Builder between different systems: Send a flow to an application or move it from a test program to a live system, for instance.
  • Customized Products: Do you wish to allow your clients to design their products? Offer your customers customizable goods with text, lettering, and color options. Customize the selection functionality of the product and available options, from combo boxes and text boxes to a step-by-step mode. 


Shopware Rise is best suited for expanding eCommerce retailers who have surpassed the community version. It works best for businesses with annual sales of around $2 million. It is designed for entrepreneurs who want to stand out from the competition. This Shopware entry-level design concentrates on designing distinctive storefronts, automating procedures, and providing the best possible presentation of the products.

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