Shopware Extensions you Must have for your B2B Web Store

Shopware is one of the fastest-growing E-commerce platforms for online retailers. Also, Shopware is a popular E-commerce platform for building B2B businesses since it has all the necessary trade features to fulfil the expectations of a constantly changing global market. Nowadays, most online merchants prefer Shopware for developing and managing their B2B businesses.

Shopware has a vast number of benefits for a successful E-commerce website. And all the strong extensions accessible on the Shopware shop are one of the numerous advantages it offers. Massive numbers of B2B extensions are available on Shopware. The functionality that a B2B shop can give users has a big impact on its success. And adding a B2B extension can rapidly increase this functionality and deliver a better shopping experience.

You would not use all the extensions as Shopware has a large number of them but even adding some of them can greatly benefit your business. Selection of the right B2B extensions can help you make your business highly performing and vibrant. You can professionally and quickly grow your online business with the help of these extensions.

Shopware B2B extensions that you can use for your online business:

Among the various extensions, here are some efficient B2B extensions of Shopware which you can use to grow your E-commerce business:-

ERP & CRM extension:

It is a self-hosted and all-in-one edition that is powered by Xentral. It is a complete ERP and CRM system. Xentral automates the pick-pack-ship process, communicates with the customers, manages production, eliminates accounting mistakes, and links you to global shops, marketplaces, fulfilment houses, and suppliers. It is available for free of cost.


It is a self-hosted extension. When submitting the UID number with validation, it allows for more tax-free options. It can be configured on several parameters such as countries, customer groups, rules, and taxes. This extension costs €49.99.

Show Price After Login:

This is also a self-hosted edition that helps the store owners to hide the product price from the product page till the user logins. It can be the ideal plugin for most B2B owners with a base price of €49.

Form building kit professional:

A self-hosted plugin through which you can get individual and freely designable forms. File uploads, such as email attachments, captcha spam prevention, and database connections are all supported by these forms. Created forms can be integrated as CMS elements into your shopping world. It may cost around €312.

Magnalister: Amazon, eBay & more – Interface:

With the self-hosted Magnalister interface, you can connect all several online marketplaces. With the help of the numerous automation features of this Shopware plugin, you can manage products, orders, invoices, and your inventory centrally from Shopware. You can use it for free.

Company Register:

This plugin allows new B2B clients to register with just their company name. And the company can even save the contact information of its clients and suppliers with this plugin. Instead of a delivery address, you have to add a company name to the invoice address while making an order. It costs around €21.00.

Price on request:

You can use this plugin to add a feature that allows consumers to inquire about an item’s pricing. It allows you to establish a minimum price, and any item with a greater price will be automatically tagged as “Price on Request.” The whole checkout in the store can also be turned off. The cost of this extension is €200.

Display shop only after login:

With this extension, only visitors who have logged in will have access to one or more sales channels. An admin authorizes users in the admin area once they register for locked sales channels. It is ideal for B2B stores when you do not want to show the products to the general public. The cost of this extension is around €200.

Finishing Up:

We have discussed Shopware B2B extensions in this blog. We have also seen how they can be useful for your web store. Extensions allow you to expand the functionality of your Shopware B2B store. They can enhance your Shopware website and help your B2B company stay ahead of the competition. There are other hundreds of B2B extensions available in Shopware, so this is not a comprehensive list; these are just the top useful extensions. You can buy any extra B2B extension in Shopware as per your requirements.

Do you need to expand the functionality of your online store and improve your business? Then iCreative Technologies can help you. We are an official Shopware partner providing exclusive Shopware development services for the last 7 years across the globe. We can build your E-commerce website from scratch and also add necessary B2B extensions to advance the functionality of your store. We offer the best Shopware solution with custom plugin development. Boost your B2B E-commerce with us. Contact us today and let us know your requirements.

Bhavya Shah is a Business Analyst at iCreative Technologies. He specializes in the eCommerce consulting for all business domains. He is working hand-in-hand with developers and clients to produce requirements and specifications that accurately reflect business needs and are technologically achievable.

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