Shopware 6 Post Launch Checklist

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Post-Launch Checklist

Once the shop has settled from the launch, over the coming weeks the following should take place (multiple times if possible) to ensure that any unforeseen issues are addressed.


☑ Ongoing checks of the following:

          ✓ Error log and address if necessary

          ✓ Sitemap(s) have been successfully read

          ✓ Robots file is valid

☑ Spot check search listings to ensure

          ✓ Title tags are displaying in results as expected

          ✓ Meta descriptions are pulling through correctly

          ✓ Schema markup is showing where necessary

          ✓ Review ratings where applicable are displaying

          ✓ Correct store version showing in the correct search engine locale

☑ The XML sitemap is updating daily

☑ New content and images added to the site are optimized

Google Analytics / GTM

☑ Check following traffic sources and compare with previous site data

          ✓ Organic traffic

          ✓ Direct traffic

          ✓ Referral traffic

☑ Ensure orders continue to flow through to GA as expected

☑ If using GTM, all tags are firing as expected

Customer services

No matter how well your site launch goes, customers will always manage to find issues with it!  It is worth talking with the customer service team to see what feedback they are getting about the website, as this can often expose issues that need addressing.


Orders continue to go through to Shopware with the correct status and feed through to relevant 3rd party software(if applicable).

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