OnGround Sales Team Tracker Mobile App

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About Client

The US-based client owns a leading position in imports and exports of various automotive solutions such as tires, batteries, lubricant products. Moreover, it owns the largest warehousing network in the US with distribution centers across the globe. Its relationship with iCreative Technologies Inc. is the quite long time one. Impressed with B2B and B2C portals developed for different marketplaces, the client came again to iCreative Technologies Inc.for its mobile applications for sales and customers on both the platforms Google Play Store and Apple iTunes.

About Product

Earlier, there wasn’t any mechanism present in the system to track salespersons’ productivity! iCreative Technologies Inc.developed a unique salesperson tracker application which is synchronized with GPS. It comprehensively tracks the sales employee journey by check-in and check-out features. Between check-in and check-out, the sales employee’s location along with duration gets recorded. Plus, a customer’s QR code is scanned to have a proof of the salesperson’s visit to the customer. The application takes the location details at every determined interval. This helps in case the phone battery gets dead or a salesperson forgets to click on check-in.

Moreover, the application is furnished with various reports such as location wise reports, sales reports, customer wise reports, and more.

This app not only tracks the salesperson’s location but also enables him/her to place an order on behalf of the customer. An end is integrated with Magento backend it provides a real-time inventory data to the mobile app. This saves a user from placing an order when a product is out of stock

Furthermore, apart from sales employees, any registered user can navigate through the mobile app and shop online. The application provides all the e-commerce features such as efficient product display, fine search mechanism, payment gateway integration, order history, offer displays, and more. The app is present on both Google play store and iTunes.


How we did it?



Continuous GPS tracking eats phone battery, as the salesperson is out for the whole day, there are likely chances that the battery gets drained because of continuous use of GPS. And if the phone battery is dead, the location tracking won’t be of any use for that day.


iCreative Technologies Inc. developers used a Google Map API for Android app and Apple Map API for iOS app. iCreative Technologies Inc.holds a strong portfolio for this kind of live location tracking applications. So the developers crafted an accurate module which sends the location information to the server and the whole route map gets created for the day with an update of every location.

  • Location Tracking
  • Phone Battery Issue
  • Real-time Data Access
  • Salesperson Check-in Issue

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