Garnet Music App

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It is one of the finest apps for music lovers that holds an array of songs and albums as per your moods. Now get access to the unlimited songs of your choice.So, whatever is your taste – Old or new, we have everything to match your mood. You can even create your own customized playlist that fits your mood and activity. Now roll up your sleeves and rock on your favorite songs, or playlist. Moreover, you can share your customized song/playlist with your friends.


  • Login or Sign Up(with social media).
  • Able to apply different filters (powerful equalizer,quick search and background skin)
  • Able to browse and play your music by albums, artists, songs, playlists, folders
  • Music Player will guide you find all the music files in seconds
  • Play In Offline/Online Mode
  • You can manually set the equalizer music styles for your choice(normal, classic, dance, folk, heavy, hip hop, jazz, pop, rock…)
  • Able to show album artwork, play/pause, skip forward in notification status.
  • Users can download unlimited songs.
  • Ability to mobile shake to play next/previous song.
  • Able to support headset/bluetooth controls.



Live Music Streaming:

The scarcity of powerful internet resources has degraded music streaming quality. Whenever any song is selected for live streaming, buffering was one of the biggest issues faced by our developers. As the entire application is based on live music streaming, compromising with the latency period will degrade the application quality. In order to achieve the best results, our development team managed this scenario by changing the cloud permissions from private to public using p3 certification.



Beginning our approach towards this app, we started by creating a definition of SOW. Secondly, we designed and developed UI. Finally setting up overall events and filters we managed module at both the front and back ends which enclosed our app strongly.


This application concept was for iOS and Android and we did what we committed.

  • Android:

    Java using Android Studio

  • iOS:

    Swift using Xcode

  • Admin Panel:


  • Database:


  • Design UI And Templates


Our Achievements