Benefits of using React Native for Mobile App Development

Everyone expects immediate information in this digital age and most businesses want to give their clients a better mobile app experience. Many frameworks are available in the market for android app development and iOS App development. Among them, React Native is doing rounds around the globe. React Native is a popular mobile app development language that can be used to create a large app for Android and iOS.

Creating an app is not easy nowadays when plenty of resources are available online. And it was a tedious task for developers to create different apps for Android and iOS. However, a group of Facebook (Now known as Meta) developers were not satisfied with using multiple languages to create basically the same app, and in 2015, they created a framework for creating native-style apps for Android and iOS using a single language, JavaScript. This framework was given the name React Native. React Native was the ideal solution for developers who wished to create a native UI with their preferred tooling – JavaScript. React Native has progressed in leaps and bounds since then.

Why is React Native best to use for your Mobile App Development?

React Native best to use for your Mobile App Development

There are many benefits of using react native for developing apps for your mobile phone. A few of them are as listed below:

1. Supports Cross-Platform App development

React Native is a single platform to develop apps across multiple platforms because it allows you to use the same code for developing both Android and iOS applications, providing the user a consistent experience.

2. Faster App Development

React Native apps are developed 30% faster than normal app development frameworks because they have the same code for Android and iOS. You can reload a program instead of recompiling it. You may even execute new features while keeping the state of your application by using its ‘Hot Reloading’ functionality.

3. Budget-friendly

While saving time is an obvious benefit of adopting React Native, saving money is also a significant gain. It saves you a lot of time and money because you don’t have to design a single app for different platforms. You can hire React Native Developers to save time and money for creating a splendid mobile application.

4. Straightforward solution

Mobile app development through React Native is straightforward because of the following reasons:

  • The component has complete control over how it appears. As a result, there is no clash between JavaScript-for-mobile and JavaScript code in a web view.
  • React Native uses standard codes CSS and JavaScript to create all of the codes. Furthermore, the platform uses the JavaScript Engine of the host platform to run your app.
  • You can also recompile the program at any level you choose without making any modifications to the framework.

5. Looks like a Native App


Native platforms are the fundamental building blocks of React Native apps. Components in React Native are identical to those in native development. This enables developers to design speedier user interfaces, boost app agility and provide an authentic, native experience that is indistinguishable from the native app.

6. Third-Party Plugins

React Native can serve as a bridge between a plugin and a native module. There are two sorts of third-party plugins available in React Native: JavaScript-based and native modules. It enables you to effortlessly integrate third-party plugins and APIs, such as maps and payment systems, into your website.

7. Access to Native API

React Native allows developers to replicate the look and feel of the UI in a way that is more akin to JavaScript than a framework. It is a pattern that is utilized to streamline the process and make the UI run smoothly, resulting in high-end, quick-to-respond results. As a result, you can easily create a mobile app for your business.

8. There is not a steep learning curve

The learning curve for React Native app development is not too complex. As a result, even beginners in mobile app development can simply design apps with React Native. React Native is quickly becoming the de facto language for mobile app development, thanks to the assistance of major titans like Facebook (Now Meta).


We have seen many reasons for using React Native to develop your mobile applications. Apart from this, there are tremendous other advantages also which will make you choose React Native. The market for React Native app development has grown significantly. It has covered practically the entire market of mobile app development since its beginning in 2015. Therefore we can conclude that React Native is a good choice for projects with easy functionality that can be used for E-commerce and social media app development as it provides striking designs and effective interfaces, development of apps based on JavaScript etc.

If you are looking to hire an experienced React Native developer for your next mobile app development process, then iCreative Technologies can be a top-notch choice for you. We can efficiently build your desired app in a short time and within your budget. We work together as a team to provide you with the most feasible solution. Contact us right away!

Jainesh Shah is a CEO and Co-Founder of iCreative Technologies Inc. iCreative Technologies is a digital eCommerce agency mainly serving B2B clients across the globe. With over 15 years of experience in technology and business, he is helping his client thrive in this competitive era. He is specialized in eCommerce consulting, creative thinking, generating new business ideas, and delivering end products to market in the digital space. He is working with the vision to help his partner agencies and Clients to grow in their respective businesses.

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